Report: Tales series at the Japan Expo

Gema: "Namco Bandai held a Tales series presentation at the Japan Expo in Paris today, highlighted by three titles, two of which are confirmed for western release."

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sinncross2573d ago

So since this event was in Paris and they showed Tales of Xillia then I guess Namco are at least considering and planning a Europe release

Xof2573d ago

I sure hope so. Graces f is getting released outside of Japan, but to be perfectly honest, Xilia looks much, much better. I really hope it leaves Japan.

DNAbro2573d ago

well xillia is being made specifically for the ps3. Graces was remade from the wii version.

Still can't wait for graces. :D

Xof2572d ago

Well, yeah... but I didn't mean that it literally looks better. More that the content--story premise, characters, art design--looks far more appealing to me.

Visually, the level of detail with Graces f is only slightly less than that of Vesperia. It looks good, even if the art design is... pretty meh.

Lavalamp2573d ago

They showed Xillia!? You be teasin', Namco.

Optical_Matrix2573d ago

Namco are bringing it HARD at Japan Expo. One Piece for 3DS announced for Europe for November And a November 10th release date for Tales of Abyss 3DS? Good lord. This is better than E3 lol Keep em coming Namco. The fact they teased Xillia is a good sign too.

Infernostew2573d ago

Wait.. Abyss 3DS is being released in November?!?! Wow.. they picked a really congested month... bad idea like always.

Optical_Matrix2573d ago

Yup >.< Same month as Witcher 2 360, MGS Collection, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Call of Duty MW3 and probably Mario Kart or Super Mario

Redempteur2573d ago

"Baba asked the crowd if they’d like to see the game release in Europe, which was followed up by enthusiastic cheers from the attendance."

no wonder ...

2573d ago