Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations to USA

The Ultimate Clash of Generations is Coming to North America in 2012 for PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360

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tayz2573d ago

im sooo looking forward to this game!

gravemaker2573d ago

its gonna be the greatest fighting game in this generation

maniacmayhem2573d ago

Will you be able to play as uchiha madera/tobi. Because that would be godlike.

FAGOL2573d ago

You can use tobi in NUNS2 but not the recent more serious version.

Samus HD2573d ago

I just want to be the ultimate jutsu's Exploding like UN1
but more than one xD

just_sayin2573d ago

I know i missed the over-the-top jutsus from the first storm,clashes and ultimate impact punches. I hope the online play will be better than UNS2 everybody just spamed the same moves.

Baka-akaB2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

The previous game was cool , especially for the sp , but thevs fighting part is still a bit lagging behind the ps2 narutimate games .

They need to add more ultimate jutsu for each characters , awakening modes that actually makes sense serves a purpose and arent invincible to special moves ... and most of all need to makes throw less uber powerful and inescapable .

I dont mind the rest of the stuff like the spamming and uttter imbalance , anime fighting game will never be balanced properly , and if they did we'be be bored .