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BitbyDeath2601d ago

Awesome, they finally made the Great Ape BIG!
Also the destruction looks awesome.
Do want

Hanif-8762601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

If its Ultimate Tenkaichi as the name suggests it better have more characters than Tenkaichi 2, which in fact is not only the best Dragonballz title i've ever played but also one of my most missed titles on the PS2. I still haven't bought a Dragonballz game this generation because they are all crap. Hopefully, this game is alot like or even better than Tenkaichi 2 or else its a no buy all over again. However, all i need to see now are some GT characters then i'm sold because boy does this game look good!

Neko_Mega2601d ago

Game looks awesome but I hope it stays with the Tenkaichi control style.

I hope their is some GT characters (Mainly Super 17).