Playstation Move getting its exclusive Cricket game

IVG writes : Every time we catch up with Atindriya Bose, country manager of Sony Computer Entertainment India, there’s lots of news to report, and this time was no different. On the topic of PS2 and PSP games being developed specifically for the Indian audience, we asked if there was going to be a sequel to Street Cricket Champions (which was on PS2 and PSP).

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Karooo2574d ago

Hope its implemented well, I want more games to utilize Move well.

gameseveryday2574d ago

Cricket is my fav game...nuff said.

dangert122574d ago

really rashid would never of guessed XD

zinkabass2573d ago

@dangert12 : lol ,.. clever!

badz1492573d ago

this will be HUGE! India and Australia. England is huge in Cricket as well. Pakistan also says hi

ArcFatalix2574d ago

Need baseball with Move support, the implementation in mlb 11 was lame

sinncross2574d ago

It was a start though. They'll improve for MLB 2012 I am sure

Raven_Nomad2574d ago

Finally, Move has it's killer app..

DigitalRaptor2574d ago

No, I think Move's killer app will be coming out in 2012. Can you guess?

TheOldOne2574d ago

I thought Sorcery was supposed to be the killer app. When is Sorcery going to come out? Was supposed to be spring 2011.

maniacmayhem2574d ago

Wow, Move really needs more games than just this. And this will only be available in India? Probably since i dont see any big american audiences picking this up.

HBK6192574d ago

Americans aren't the only one's who buy games...

You know Cricket is quite popular in other countries?

metsgaming2574d ago

yea im not sure exactly how popular but it is popular. It probably is more popular then baseball im pretty sure.

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