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PlayStation 3 40GB Spider-Man Movie Pack Shipping $399

After speculation & finally an official press release, the new Sony Playstation 3 40GB model bundled with Spider-man 3 Blu-ray disc is finally shipping from Amazon.com for $399.99 with Free shipping.

Plus you get 5 Free Blu-ray movies after mail-in rebate with this purchase. Sales tax only in WA,ND,KS & KY states.

The 40GB comes with all the goodies you'd expect:

Blu-ray Disc player 1080p HD with HD upconversion to 1080p; Wireless Bluetooth controller, WiFi 802.11b/g; HDMI, 2 USB 2.0 ports. What you're missing: Memory Card reader and no PS2 backwards compatibility. (Industry, PS3)

PimpHandHappy  +   2740d ago
thats a nice bundle
they should have put a game in there also. Maybe something old like RFOM.

still a great deal for a blueray player that just happens to play games like

rofldings  +   2740d ago
gg 3shitty, it's over.
darthv72  +   2739d ago
I agree...a game
would have been a better freebie. Considering the unit will get free movies anyway, why not include something to show off the systems controller like warhawk. It makes better sense to give gamers a game to play instead of watching a movie.
Bill Gates  +   2740d ago
This will be like a PUNCH straight to the GUT for the 3FixMe....AHAHAHHAAHHAHA
Meus Renaissance  +   2740d ago
I think some retailers are bundling a game with it.
lawman1108  +   2739d ago
Oh yeah? and just how are they doing that?
They open the box and shove a game in there? Two for two fellas A crap movie for a crap system .
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kreetah  +   2739d ago
Maybe like Best Buy did with the HD-DVD add on list week. Three free boxed sets with the drive, you get to pick.
rofldings  +   2739d ago
Wow. Reading some of lawman's comments makes me want to build a time machine and kill his parents before he's born. ;)

Stupid people shouldn't breed.
okcomputer  +   2740d ago
They should have thrown resistance in there with it (still the best ps3 game by far imo) or motostorm for a non m rated game. Great deal either way though.
IntelligentAj  +   2740d ago
I understand what Sony is trying to do but I would have much rather preferred a game instead of Spider Man 3(although this was a good movie). That being said I'll buy my games anyway
PStriple703  +   2740d ago
-wavies good bye too 360- you had a nice 2yrs
chavafx  +   2740d ago
well ijust got my ps3 but i got a better deal on ebgames i whas going to get the 40gb but
the guy at eb toll me a get the 60gb we still have 2 we are selling it for 449.99 and we give you a game so i got that one insted with warhawk and yes i got it for the second time haha i trade my ex 60gb in eb before for a x360 elite and now i got it back i still prefer my x360 by far but at least now i can wach blu-ray movies and not worry about esclusivity cuz i have both of the true next gen systems
lawman1108  +   2739d ago
Thats a good price for the 60 gb
I got mine for $469 but with 7 free BR movies. I have yet to buy a brand new game for it I got Warhawk,RFOM and MLB the show on EBAY nothing looks worth $60 bucks. I also like the 360 better btw. I have 30 games for that plus old Xbox games I have yet to play.
razer  +   2739d ago
Smart move
both of you. It's the best having both systems and you both got better deals than I did. I do play my 360 the most as well.
The Dude  +   2740d ago
How about packing in something that matters to gamers like a game. I'm not saying not to include a movie, but they should have thrown in at least one game. This bundle just goes to show you sony execs real focus is on blu-ray movies and not games.
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kreetah  +   2739d ago
I think its a good move with Sony attempting to raise awareness that the PS3 CAN play HD Blu-Ray movies. I think most people know it can play games :P
damnwrx  +   2740d ago
And Sony should lower the prices on blu-ray movies to $20-$25 bucks FTW.
lawman1108  +   2739d ago
I REFUSE to pay more then $20 bucks for a "next gen" hd or BR dvd
no way when reg DVDs or 15-19 dollars
Marceles  +   2740d ago
Well everyone knows that the Playstation brand is for games...
But I think it's good that they packed in the movie because not many people are still in tune with what Blu-ray is and why people are making such a big deal about it. After consumers see Spider-Man 3, they'll probably react like that idiot Michael Bay did when he saw Transformers on HD-DVD, "Blu-ray Rocks!". Packing in a game would be cool too, but I guess they wanted to really keep the bundle cheap...I dont know but I see this SKU selling alot, and if software sells go up even higher, it won't be because Sony is shipping a pack-in game, it'll be because people are getting this SKU as well as buying a game with it.
andy001  +   2739d ago
They bundle in Wi-fi don't they? Thats worth $100 on certain other consoles :o)
resistance100  +   2739d ago
Yep Wifi is included. 399 is a bargin for what you are getting
StormShadow  +   2739d ago
Got mine today
Just got back from Circuit City and picked mine up.
King2008  +   2739d ago
If i didnt have one already
This would be an excellent deal. I like how alot of these features are standard in each console. The main ones anyway. I don't know why anyone would downplay the importance of wifi i absolutely find it a necessity in my house. This is a very capable machine. I named mine Esmeralda and my HDTV Dakota lol. Very sexy b!tches.
EDF 2017  +   2739d ago
Told Ya
It's a shiny blu-ray player, games system second. Hey SOny why don't you let the games sell the system?
HarryEtTubMan  +   2739d ago
STFU sore loser... go play year old Gears or Halo in 640p. You lose either way.
goodganja  +   2739d ago
Well at least with the XBOX 360, you have "the choice to suck ass without HD-DVD or "the choice"to suck even more ass with it.

Either way, both will break within weeks.


P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
jaja1434  +   2739d ago
What the hell? 400$ is indeed a good price for what you get, but you buy a gaming machine for games, the fact that it plays BR movies, and in fact is one of the best BR players, is but an added boon. Put a damm game in the box, if I wanted to buy a movie I buy a movie. :<
darthv72  +   2739d ago
Does the pack in movie count.....
towards the number of bluray movies sold? I am curious about the freebies as well? Considering they are not really sold by themselves being scanned and cataloged that is. Do you think Sony will reveal real sold numbers for this movie or combine individual copies with the pack in copies to make the total appear greater?
jaja1434  +   2739d ago
I know when you buy an HD/BR from Wal-Mart they don't count the 2 freebie's but at Target they do. So I'm not sure if its like that with the PS3( as is some count it, some don't)
kreetah  +   2738d ago
They DO NOT count as movies sold since they are inculded inside the box they won't show up on NDP.

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