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Uncharted 3 MP Beta was released just yesterday around 2pm pst. Unfortunately GamerSciz works and wasn’t able to get home until around 6:30 but jumped straight onto the beta. The one thing GamerSciz noticed right away is how the guns feel, sound, and even look different. The feel of the guns is heavier and the community is noticing this “clunkiness” if you will. However this is just a beta and all of this is to expected. The sound of the guns are a lot “meaner” and more “meatier” sounding. It sounds like your shooting a big assault rifle instead of a pea shooter i.e. Uncharted 2. And the look, well, there are a bunch of new weapons. Add to that the massive amount of customization that you can do with each weapon and you have a lot of unique weapons out there.

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dc12578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Shouldn’t have to rate a beta... but I understand.

Its absolutely fun. The co-op is ridiculous! (17 - 20 minutes of random 3 player objective awesomeness!)

GamerSciz2578d ago

True that people don't usually rate a beta but I just wanted to voice my opinion and say that it is a solid 8.5/10 already with the new features and fun factor. I am enjoying it vastly more then UC2 honestly. Can't wait for more maps, customization and more features.

dc12578d ago

I'm with you and we share the same opinion.