Why The Kinect Isn’t Innovation

It’s the Kinect’s first anniversary, and doesn’t Microsoft want you to know it.
Our favorite mummery-based-interface device was undoubtedly front and center at Microsoft’s E3 booth; ensconced in its own private booths and orbited by a constellation of lesser stars. (You know, the AAA titles and the best of the Xbox Live aimed at those of us whose reaction to a Fable rail shooter was polite bewilderment.) Then there was the press conference, which may as well have been headlined: “Microsoft Changes Name to Kinectosoft Inc., Makes Kinect Ownership Mandatory.” Sure, there were mentions of other titles, some remarkably promising (Tomb Raider origin story, anyone?) but Microsoft even felt the need to couple Mass Effect 3, a title which should merit a presentation all on its lonesome, with highly-publicized Kinect functionality that amounted to “shout at the screen and weird your roommates out late at night.” And that’s saying nothing of the new-and-trumpeted interface for the 360’s new television support.

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iseven2645d ago

Motion controllers have reached their peak. When it comes to gaming, nothing trumps gamepads and mouse/keyboards.

Agent-862645d ago

I'm with you and see motion controls as pure gimmick. This was a great article and I really love this line: “Microsoft Changes Name to Kinectosoft Inc., Makes Kinect Ownership Mandatory.”

DarkTower8052644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I just got the Move and am loving it. I've been wanting arcade shooters for years and Move delivers that. There's The Shoot, Time Crisis, Dead Space, etc. For me, it brings the arcade home. No gimmick at all, it's here to stay in one form or another.

Redempteur2645d ago

kinect is a regression .. i never believed in it ..but i gave it a chance .. a chance to prove me wrong .

1 year after the release i was right ..

Agent-862645d ago

The author and I agree with you: "But while the Kinect is a fascinating and important piece of technology, when it comes to gaming it’s not just a dead end for innovation – it’s an expensive, much-hyped digression, if not outright regression."

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Ares842644d ago

Kinect just as important as the PS move.

They are fun for a while to monkey around but if you are a gamer you will not be able to stand it for long.

I got move when it came out, I think I might have played a total of 10hours since.

KMxRetro2644d ago

"Why The Kinect Isn’t Innovation"

Nothing IS innovation.

Something CAN be innovative, however.

Oh, and "The Kinect" is incorrect too. So, the only real correct words you have in your five word headline are "Why" and "Isn't."


When the article title is complete garbage, you can generally bet your bottom dollar that the article itself is even worse. And yes, that's the case here.

If you don't like Kinect, don't play it.

maniacmayhem2644d ago

You don't understand, on N4G there needs to be at least one article approved per day slamming either Kinect or 360.

I agree though Kinect isn't for me but I can't hate on the fact it was the fastest selling device ever. Why? Who knows.

I also think Sony and MS jumped on the motion train way too late and that the fad is dying quickly.

coryok2644d ago

it did break records, selling 8 million in 2 months, and since then its been 8 months and has sold 2 million.

demand died down really fast after launch

Redgehammer2644d ago

Did Kinect release in June? I think not. I have been gaming a long time, and Kinect does tings that are new to my experiences, and that is difficult to do. I call the article garbage, misinformed, and not worth the time it took me to read it. Like KMX said if you don't like it, don't play it.

Biggest2644d ago

You must not have experienced much in your extensive gaming life. Give some examples of new experiences provided by Kinect, please. Every motion gaming experience offered by Kinect so far has been done in some form in years past. Voice input has been around and used in gaming since at least the 90's. What's new?

Redgehammer2644d ago

Biggest, you refuse to accept anything that has been stated about the capabilities, and differences that Kinect, and its internal software bring to the world of gaming. Sure you could talk into a mic and say some predefined commands. Kinect recognizes different voices, has voice location, and noise and echo cancellation built in, a microphone array, a color camera, a motion camera, and skeletal tracking. Maybe it’s an amalgam of the devices that came before, but it is a unique device. Throughout the web, hackers, engineers, and programmers espouse the awesome capabilities of Kinect, and yet their opinions mean nothing because you think differently. I can't change your mind, nor at this point do i want to. I accept your view; however, I just disagree.

Biggest2644d ago

I understand your support for Kinect. Some people love what they choose to love. However, you haven't given one example of a new experience in gaming via Kinect. Thankfully, I am a sports fan and understand rooting for/against the winning/losing team. You enjoy Kinect. I enjoy properly priced peripherals.

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