Microsoft Reveals New Crackdown Details

Size does matter, apparently.

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Silverwolf4121d ago

All of this nicely fit in a DVD9

Sphinx4121d ago

...yeah, you're right. Sony fanboys are so mislead.

Microsoft Master4120d ago

Just Cause will be half the size of Jamaica!!
With nice graphics and loads going on. Just more proof that Blu-ray is over hyped and not needed FOR GAMES, MAYBE MOVIES this generation of consoles.

Boink4120d ago

no need to start another flame war.

the game looks great, and i think will be a nice sleeper hit for the 360 this xmas. From everything I've seen i will be buying it.

BoneMagnus4120d ago

I'm really excited about this game - open-ended mayhem without gangsta themes...I hope it lives up to the hype!