Nintendo stockholder: Games are a waste

If you don't like video games, buy stock for one of the largest companies in the industry. At least that's what this Nintendo stockholder thinks.

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Xof2458d ago

Buffoon. Seriously, use Firefox already.

Desert Turtle2458d ago

This is one of the few times where an image from the CD-i Zeldas is appropriate.

tunaks12458d ago

The same stockholder responded with the following...

"During the Tohoku earthquake disaster, I believe people in the evacuation centers were lacking in exercise. Why didn't you bring Wii Fit to them? Why didn't you show off to the media that you're doing more for the victims?"

Iwata said that some people may have liked to use Wii Fit, but others were grieving over their family losses. It wouldn't have been an appropriate time to barge in with Wii Fit for everyone. Iwata stated that Nintendo did ask to help out, but they didn't want to draw attention to themselves or get media for their work. They wanted things to stay quiet and help simply for the sake of help.

Wow what an a$$!

Dart892458d ago

Plz someone get me this guys address and i'll pay him him a visit what a f***ing joke this guy is.

Sidology2458d ago

Hahaha, what? Iwata said that? It sounds so absurd.

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The story is too old to be commented.