Witcher 2 Confirmed for Xbox 360…but Not Everywhere

THQ announces The Witcher 2 to be making a limited appearance on the Xbox 360.

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Optical_Matrix2522d ago

Oh wow. But why announce it at E3 if it's not releasing in the US?

STK0262522d ago

They can still announce it for the US, and considering THQ's main market is NA, I suspect it will be coming at some point; doing otherwise would be pretty stupid.

Bigpappy2514d ago

Atari published the PC version in the US.
This game will come to 360 in the Americas. No doubt about that.

Les-Grossman2522d ago

They are just asking for this to be pirated

BeastlyRig2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

hmmm wow

Deadman_Senji2522d ago

I'd laugh if the inevitable PS3 version got a worldwide release and the 360 version was stuck in PAL/Asia.

It would make absolutely no sense, would cause a major shitstorm and would amuse me to no end.

MasterCornholio2522d ago

Yep the fanboys would go rabid here thats for sure.

Deadman_Senji2522d ago

2 disagrees already? Keep em coming.

MasterCornholio2522d ago

wow that suxs. It probably will come out in the US though

wazzim2522d ago

Atari is publishing it in the US.

Foxgod2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Isnt it funny that people write articles based on false assumptions...

NinjaByNight2522d ago

Yeah, or in this case, based on THQ's official press release from today.

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