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GameDynamo - "When you take a long look at Record of Agarest War Zero, it looks like they didn’t even try to hide the similarities to the Square Enix-owned Tactics games, letting you know that they fully intend to improve on the products that started it all."


Note from the editor: It doesn't change much, but the original score from the writer was a 55, not a 50, and it wasn't properly pasted when the article was posted.

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rataranian2637d ago

He compares it nearly identical to FF Tactics and Ogre which were great games yet gives it a 50 because it's too much like them? Further proof that people are idiots.

Neckbear2637d ago

Honestly, though, the reviewer just pans the game because "It's 2011", and, not to mention he forgets that Aksys: 1, didn't make the game, they only published it Stateside, and 2; the first Record of Agarest War game was created in 2007, far before the port of FFT or Tactics Ogre for the PSP, and this one is basically a version of that one with far less grinding and much better pacing, alongside some tweaks in gameplay.

Oh, and let us not forget that this game has actually a whole lot of content (Seriously, the main storyline is, what, 60 hours?), so really, his complaint of "paying full price for the game" (by the way, the Standard edition is actually 50$, the Limited Edition is the one that goes for full price, 60$, and that one has a healthy amount of extras) is beyond invalid.

It's not only that he's an idiot, is that he even fails at being such.

Robotronfiend2637d ago

I wonder how the reviewer would rate Disgaea 3 or 4. I don't mind reading subtitles. Tactics games aren't known for their stellar graphics, usually what gets people addicted is the fun gameplay and interesting stories. He should have also added 5 points because the ending of the game could not be any worse than the ending for FF tactics.

VampiricDragon2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

what an idiot. The game is at least a 75. I am enjoying the hell out of it

you dont review by comparing to other games, you review by looking at the actual game which I bet he played 5 minutes of.

Redempteur2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

i don't get this review .. why so many references to FFT ? because they are tactical games ?

tactis is a fantastic game , yes but you don't need to compare your game to another , just judge the game on his own merits !!!

Seriously ...

"there are similar games on Xbox LIVE and PSN right now at a fraction of the price."

oh really ? i don't think so ...
i fact if you want tactical rpg action you have disagaea, valkyria Chronicles( to some extent ) and this ..( on home consoles ). if you like the genre don't hesitate

Optical_Matrix2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Pre-ordered mine from Shopto earlier for £ edition too which makes it an absolute steal imo. Loved the first game, and can't wait for this one. Will keep me going until Disgaea 4 hits for sure. I don't listen to JRPG/JSRPG reviews this generation. I've enjoyed plenty that have received bad scores.

This review is also false in its information. I doubt there are XBLA/PSN exclusive games that offer as much content and hundreds of hours like this game. So much gas and bias.