Shadow of the Colossus HD: PS3 vs PS2 Comparison

GB: "In 2005 a classic was revealed to the world. An experience unmatched by any game till date. Shadows of the Colossus is easily one of those titles that set a benchmark for future games to come. I was thrilled to no end when the HD collection of two of the best games was announced last year.
Recently some screenshots of the HD collection was revealed so we decided to compare it with the original PlayStation 3 version and the results as one might put it are stunning."

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CynicalVision2605d ago

That one is just insane. I really can't wait to replay my favorite game from the last generation.

darthv722605d ago

has there been any mention if the game will detect a pre-existing save (if you have a bc ps3)?

As cool as that would be, its not a deal breaker. I am only 1/3 of the way through and dont mind starting over.

Oh and the reason I'm only 1/3 through is that i started playing last year but stopped to play some of the other big games released. I think we are all guilty of having a game or two we started but didnt finish.

Ashamed to admit...this is one of mine. I read and hear such great things as the game gets deeper and deeper. I will get there one day.

lil Titan2605d ago

looks good but in like the 3rd photo i like the blurry look more

I_find_it_funny2605d ago

original game still looks good, good design ages well

Maester072605d ago

It really is worth playing - its one of those games that just defines 'gaming' from a personal and nostalgic point of view. The ending is hauntingly ethereal - a stunning game.

On a side note - I really doubt the PS2 save file recovery. Not heard of it in other games, but who knows?

Why o why2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

'Oh and the reason I'm only 1/3 through is that i started playing last year but stopped to play some of the other big games released. I think we are all guilty of having a game or two we started but didnt finish.'

trust me. ive slept on some special games; you are not alone

Ive played through this game like 3 times. The first time was on pirate....i played it and said ef this sh!t its time to pay team ico their dues. Ive purchased it two further times AND picked up ico to atone for my juvenile sins...

I cant believe ill be playing it again. I completed it the first time without knowing i could kill or injure the lizards to increase stamina or shoot down fruit to increase health. Didnt know what the secret garden was until my 3rd playthrough. Im coming back.. If only an okami remaster could be made.

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halocursed2605d ago

Oh man! These screenshots bring back some great memories with my PS2!

Fishy Fingers2605d ago

Ha, with the help of a little nostalgia, the original games look as good as the PS3 versions in my mind.

iforgotmylogin2605d ago

i was thinking the same

especially with this 1

IcarusOne2604d ago

Yeah I noticed that one too. But the first one is startling IMO. The upgraded textures really shine. Can't wait for this and ICO.

Oh right...and The Last Guardian. =)

Christopher2605d ago

I will still be picking these up, but I kind of expected more. Methinks that these screens don't do justice to the HD remake.

Fishy Fingers2605d ago

The (doubled) frame rate is more important than the HD update in my opinion.

MisterAV2605d ago

yeah, on ps2 sotc had very low fps

jellybalboa2605d ago

how how how hav u got so many bubbles how dammit?!

iNcRiMiNaTi2605d ago

Holy s**t this is more than just a resolution bump. It looks like they reworked the models and textures completely. Now I'm more interested than I was before. Can't wait for the MGS and ZoE HD Collections!!

afterMoth2605d ago

The MGS collection clearly shows they didn't rework models or textures :(

OhMyGandhi2604d ago

interesting. I can imagine you speaking what you wrote, too, with all the emphasis in the right places and everything.

on topic:

Good design (as someone stated) really does age well.

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