Top 5 Open World Games

[] I love a good open world game. The ability to just go anywhere, do what I want when I want, it's great to just kick back and have some fun without being pestered to save this or get revenge on those. Linear games have a high spot among some of my all time favorites, but today I want to share my top 5 open world games.

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WhiteLightning2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


Grand Theft Auto IV
Red Faction

I would of had

5) inFAMOUS 2
4) Saints Row 2 (Maybe SR3 by the looks of it)
3) Elder Scrolls (Skyrims looks amazing but Cyrodiil was pretty big)
2) GTA: San Andreas
1) Just Cause 2 (Something GTA4 SHOULD of been...if only Rockstar could make at least one open world exclusive.)

Can't wait to see what Just Cause 3 will be like :)