Is Duke Nukem Forever Tarnished or Can He Make a Comeback

Nick Gearhart: "Duke Nukem first appeared back in 1991 on MS-DOS and has since become quite the popular video game icon. This past month we finally saw the release of Duke Nukem Forever. After 15 years in production it was expected to be a huge success and was hoped to be one of the best games of the year. After receiving multiple negative reviews, the question has to be asked, will Duke be relevant in the future?"

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Some games are just ment to die...We had fun duke on the PC back in the day but im sorry to say R.I.P duke **Takes hat of and bows my head**

NarooN2579d ago

Lol Duke isn't dead. Just because his latest game was trash (something I didn't accept until I played it myself) means nothing. I can see why 3D Realms never finished it. If they would've released it around a decade ago, it would've been great. They kept trying to match what everyone else was doing instead of doing what Duke really was.

They can make a new Duke game and it'll be awesome as long as they don't fucking take 500 years like DNF did.

charlescox42579d ago

He can if the next game is done right and in less than 15 years.

PirateThom2579d ago

I think Duke could still be good... I think getting Forever out the door was the best thing, put that behind us and focus on making a good game again, in a sensible development time, without switching developers.

charlescox42579d ago

Exactly. The expectations were just through the roof with DNF. Maybe scrapping that name would have been a good move and giving Gearbox a normal development cycle. Neither here, nor there though. It's in the past.

AngelicIceDiamond2579d ago

Who cares its trash, We need Borderworlds.

BeaRye2579d ago

Make the next game better and of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.