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ThoseGamingNerds writes: In 2009, Volition brought the Red Faction series to the next generation in the form of Red Faction: Guerrilla. While the series started as a first person shooter, Guerrilla opted for a third person perspective in a large, destructible, open world. The move may have been a shock to the fans, but even more shocking was how well the game evolved to meet modern day standards. Guerilla was considered a major success both critically and commercially. Now Volition has made a few more changes to the Red Faction formula in the form of Armageddon.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2573d ago

this game is awesome, 5.5 is just mean.

Aery2573d ago

This game is awesome.
I got my platinum at Red Faction Guerrilla, and I love it.
Armageddon is an another type of game, but the destructibility is still here. The new weapon are awesome and the gameplay is very, very intriguing and probably you need to be a bit skilled to fully enjoy this game (in insane). Well, I'm going to got my platinum in Armageddon too.

OhMyGandhi2573d ago

never played it, but 5.5 sounds way too low...

Basjohn2573d ago

More review trollage ahoy maties!

Perhaps one day N4G will get it's head out of it's proverbial rectum and hear our cries for some sort of public "Upvote/Downvote" system so we as the users can decide what's rubbish and what isn't.

Allowing none submitters to report BS links would also be a VERY logical move.

As for the game? Lovely! ESPECIALLY the weapons. Can't remember the last game I played where the weapons interested me this much. The Nano Grenade-Launcher (starter) is not only awesome but even strong enough to finish the game with and launching unlimited ammo Berserk and Singularity is an INSANE amount of screen shaking fun.