Sony PSN hacks due to Sony's lax internet security?

Kasersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky tells T3 how Sony's lax attitude on internet security contributed to the recent PSN hacks

Sony’s lack of attention to internet security and poor staffing was to blame for the recent PSN and system hacks, the head of internet security firm Kaspersky Lab has announced.

In the wake of the Sony hacks that saw the personal details of as many as 100 million PSN users stolen, Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky has claimed the latest spate of attacks were not Sony’s only association with lax security practices stating that the company behind the PlayStation brand “does not pay a lot of attention to internet security.”

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M-Easy2520d ago

Seriously? Going back to that well loner?

TBM2519d ago

wow really people are still on about this? loner you are a sad gamer(if you are one)/person.


Hes ID is Loner so what do u expect..He is a Loner in real life.

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He needs a hug XD

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2509d ago

He's running out of material to bash Sony obviously.

This is an old, beaten horse already. What matters is what Sony's doing *NOW* to secure online.

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I'm actually starting to feel kinda sorry for Loner. He or she clearly has nothing to do.

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"He or she clearly has nothing to do."

Well he/she is a loner so i guess he/she really doesn't have anything to do lol.

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You think :)'s kind of in his name

EDIT: Damn redDevil87 beat me to it...great minds think alike I suppose

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Great minds... riiight. A person can be a loner and have lots of things to do, they just won't have anyone to do those things with.

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Loner will never be happy until Sony is gone from gaming altogether. In other words, Loner will never be happy.

It's sad, really...

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lol 3 approvals is all it took? Really wanted to get this one out to the gaming masses huh?

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