Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Evokes Concerns for Select PS3 Owners

"Just two days ago on Tuesday, June 28th the highly anticipated multiplayer beta for one of this year’s marquee titles, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception launched on the PlayStation Network. While both Naughty Dog and Sony struggled to maintain the online stability for the first few hours of its launch, they now have it all up and running smoothly for PS3 owners around the globe to enjoy! With that said, after speaking with a couple users on their impressions of the new gameplay mechanics, it seems a select group of the beta participants have mixed feelings on what Naughty Dog has changed/updated with the all-new gameplay style."

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Nick2120042642d ago

I am sure Naughty Dog has been listening closely to the feedback from the community and will have our concerns dealt with in time for Uncharted 3's release.

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Nick, yesterday, I said some pretty negative things about the game..but I played for 4 hours last night, and now I think its awesome.

Personally, I hope that they only make a few changes because 90% of what I'm seeing in the beta is what I want in the full game.

The sprinting feature works well most of the time, but there are times when I lose track of where I'm going because the camera zooms in on you when you sprint...hence diminishes your view of the world around you.

Maybe instead of the camera zooming in, it should zoom u get a better view of where your going while sprinting.

"Character movement has also been an issue for many as Naughty Dog as slowed down the movement of the characters due to the addition of sprint. Many have described the new implementation of character movement as “clunky” and “stiff” compared to previous Uncharted titles and many find themselves wishing Uncharted 3 controlled just like Uncharted 2."

I enjoy the new weightiness of characters. ND was too generous with character movement in Uncharted 2 and MANY players exploited it to avoid kills. It pissed me off when u gt the jump on someone in Uncharted 2 and they jump around, roll, and kill you with a magnum.

^^This scenario can still occur in UC3(it happened to me once), but its MUCH harder to pull off now due to the increase character health and new weight of players.

mantisimo2642d ago

Totally agree was a u2 addict and the first few playthroughs felt awkward because I wasn't used to it and lost my comfort zone.

played for approximately 4 hours and am seriously LOVING the changes, improvements and maps.

Can't log into Naughty dog forums for some reason at the mo but if any "dogs" are reading stuff on here, then can I say Brilliant!

Disagree if you must but this is My opinion from a U2 veteran.

mantisimo2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

@ Mr space.below.

I do agree I hate SA and having to use a booster slot to counter act it is crappy.

DA_SHREDDER2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I dont like the increase of health. That right there almost killed it for me. Luckily almost everything else is good, besides the grenade spamming, and having to put a whole clip into someone I'm loving the beta.

However, if this game doesn't ship with 15 online multiplayer maps, I don't find myself playing it as I would a game, like battlefield or COD. Or even Skyrim (100+ hour game) for that matter. They did a great job with the customizations though. Weapon upgrades, and upgradeable perks surprisingly feels natural for this game. So much potential, lets see what ND does.

BTW, i love the sprint feature. I love it when someone chasing me loses me.

Pixel_Pusher2642d ago

Why hello there Logic! Good to see you enjoying the beta. :D

The funny thing is that now I'm not liking the beta. They need to increase the speed of the players movements/turn radius just a bit more. Not to the levels of UC2 but just a tad faster than it is now. And the animation for throwing grenades is bullshit.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2642d ago

I am liking a few of the changes they made, the gameplay mode with the 3 teams is awesome along with the opening of the team deathmatch games.

The one thing I really dont like is the amount of bullets you have to hit people with at times to kill them, I average around 15-20% accuracy and thats including intentional spray to draw people out but when a guy has his back to me and I am aimed in hitting him he can still turn around and kill me. I hope this is an issue that will be looked into before release because at times it is just ridiculous. I cant wait til the game drops to play the single player.

Deputydon2642d ago

I played a decent bit of UC2. I loved it. Far more than CoD, Gears, MAG, KZ3 (I love KZ2, KZ3 was a huge step back imo), and Socom 4.

Personally, I think UC3 is far superior to even UC2. They gave you CoDish Loadout options, so you don't just spawn with the AK. They made the AK shoot slower, but I believe upped the damage so it takes a shot less.

The sprinting being hard to control is actually a good thing. If it was easy people could just run away as quick as possible. And it gives them an option to get to a certain point quicker, but leaves them more vulnerable to do so.

Remember all the times on CoD that you got killed because you were sprinting while you came around a corner and the guy in front of you wasn't. So he shot and killed you before you could even shoot? (well CoD4 at least, certain perks in MW2 pretty much stopped that). It's similar to that.

I also love the power plays. They aren't too unfair, but they do give the other team at least some chance to come back. Rarely do I see a team actually make a comeback if they are even only 5 kills behind, but they do give a slight advantage in the situation.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2642d ago

but what bugs me is how the gun jerks around when you fire. i know why they did that and all, but when i can't keep my reticle in the same place it makes it impossible to get headshots.
also, speaking of headshots...they don't work. in co-op it takes a few shots to the head to kill the cpu's. it takes the satisfaction out of it, it needs to be a one hit kill to cpu's

X-DominusRebellis-X2642d ago

Yeah I have to say that after playing the Beta, the MP for this game is garbage. The characters feel like they're overweight gymnasts who cannot handle the recoil of the gun. This game is bulky and it take nearly a full clip to kill someone, that's like 30 bullets! They should have ignored the MP with U3 and focused on the FP 100%.

BattleAxe2642d ago

I hate the sprint feature in U3. Why does every game need sprint? U3 just doesn't have the same flow that Uncharted 2 had.

Pixel_Pusher2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Think I'm getting the hang of this now. : )

Deputydon2641d ago

The two of you complaining about recoil, really? Have you just not played a game that isn't CoD/MoH lately?

Have you ever shot or saw somebody shoot an AK? That gun has a ton of recoil, and it's nice to see a shooter actually keep recoil.

Besides, G-Mal is my shit.

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MrSpace2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Listening closely. I don't know about that. We asked on the forums since U2 launched to take SA out, instead they still include it in three differen't forms. Two Boosters and one weapon mod.


Yeah true there is that which I LOVE, something U3 should of been like but I can't help getting the feeling like ND just want to shove all the whiners into Hardcore mode...most of the U2 online fanbase, so they don't have to listen to them complain. It's hard to not come off as selfish or ungrateful but were the ones what made U2 so popular while others played COD or any other FPS etc. Pushing us into hardcore mode is kind of sad.

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Thats why I ALWAYS play hardcore mode ;)

@MrSpace- Right now, Hardcore mode is only limited to Team Death match. If ND gives me a Hardcore Free for All mode, and a Hardcore Survival mode in the full game...then the only thing I'll be playing is hardcore mode.

It honestly doesn't bother me at all, I don't want to play a competitive MP game with ANY boosters.

DrRichtofen2642d ago

Does anyone know what that "Call Out" thing does? I just bought it for my G-Mal but have no idea what it does.

hakis862642d ago

I'm not sure but theicon is an eye... improved accuracy/less recoil perhaps?

purple1052642d ago

When you aim at someone everyone on your team can see his name.

Livin_in_a_box2642d ago

I was thinking the same thing, it's the only booster that you can't tell what it does from the name. A little description somewhere would be nice.


People r just confused...The complained that u could not run in U2 online..Now they have introduced running in U3 and they r still complaing?

Anyway my beta is downloading...I will judge for my self.

R8342642d ago

It's because they slowed down the normal speed, and sprinting zooms the camera in and makes it hard to see where you're going. That's my complaint about it.

TBM2642d ago

from what i played yesterday i'm loving what they've done with the multi-player its extremely fun, and i'm not going to let complainers tell me otherwise.

FanboyPunisher2642d ago

Beta aint even that good, controls suck; feels very messy. Def can tell this is a SP game, since MP doesnt hold a competitive candle to most.

TheXonySbox2641d ago


Aiming system is terrible, very hard to aim correctly with current aiming system. It fights you with that 'floaty' aiming system more then it helps.

I want to be able to hit where i want, and not have a sluggish aiming system screw me over.

One of the first games that managed to actually do a good job messing the shooting mechanics up big time. Will not buy it intill this fix this.

xPhearR3dx2641d ago

The AK is the only weapon I felt had this problem, and it made it unusable for me

chriski3332642d ago

naughty dog always listens to there fans thats why have a beta 5 months before the game comes out to make it a game ppl will love and get all the support the gamers need and want

showtimefolks2642d ago

they will make the changes we don't have to worry about ND not listening to its fans

they are trying to do big things with UC3 and will get them done and hopefully this beta which i am not playing will help them get some feedback to fix whatever needs to be fixed

i just don't want to spoil myself to anything Uc3 so i will buy the full version so help ND out with your feedback

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tmanmushroom2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I find myself ignoring the sprint feature too. I am just so used to Uncharted 2 that I tend to ignore it. There was a learning curve for me from Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 3. I was pretty decent at Uncharted 2, but now I'm mediocre at Uncharted 3 haha. All in all, I love the beta!

BeaArthur2642d ago

I only use sprint when I see someone in front of me and I move in for an assassination. Other than that it's pretty useless.

ddurand12642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

this beta has been a snoozefest for the first few hours of gameplay. it takes too many bullets to kill people, the perks system is lame and the sprint feature is nearly useless.

i was really looking forward to this one too. im going to give it a few more hours before i write it off though.

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I did the same thing. Give it a few more hours and ull get it ;)

And remember, if u get into a gun fight and you know your going to lose..stop shooting, roll/jump/sprint out of the area and live to fight another day.

Once I realized this I started doing very well. I went from being in 4th and 5th place most of the time to being in 2nd or 1st place most of the time.

Oldsnake0072642d ago

I agree I am hugely disappointed with the competitive MP, COOP is still fun and SP will be epic as always.

BeaArthur2642d ago

People like you ruined U2. Too many bullets? Learn to shoot, I don't have any trouble killing people.

LOGICWINS2642d ago

Yeah, I think some people aren't getting that you NEED to pick your shots. You need to know WHEN to shoot.

1. Shoot people in the back

2. Shoot them from the side

3. Gang up on them with your buddy

4. When facing 2 or more enemies, roll back and chuck a grenade. Even if the grenade doesn't kill them..they WILL back up out of fear of getting killed. Hence giving u time to escape, run around behind them, and shoot them from behind.

ddurand12642d ago

it shouldn't take 6 bullets to take down an enemy.

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

^^That was purposely done so people can EARN their kills. This decreases the amount of people who complain about cheap kills.

The increased health also gives you some time to escape if your being shot at from behind or from the side.

BeaArthur2642d ago

ddurand1...well then your in luck because Call of Duty comes out every year, have fun with that. People always complain about "realism" and crap but if you actually played a game that was 100% realistic you would hate it.

ddurand12642d ago

it has nothing to do with call of duty.this is uncharted 3. if you want to discuss call of duty, go to a call of duty article.

the community is very split over the game. so its not just me.

shot and run? extra health? wtf.

1. shoot guy, run away.
2. toss grenade
3. take cover.
4. rinse, repeat.

the game hasnt given me any fun yet. and there are alot of people that feel thatway.

BeaArthur2642d ago

ddurand1...clearly you didn't pick up U2 at launch when they had a lot more health in the MP than they have now. You were probably one of the complainers that got the game nerfed because you would rather complain than actually learn how to play the game.

ddurand12642d ago

picked it up U2 day 1, nice try though.

there are alot of people disappointed with the mulitplayer experience. im glad you and others enjoy it, but there are plenty of people that are disappointed as well.

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purple1052642d ago

Try using the buddy system more, it really works! I love it when some guy starts shooting me and he kills me and I almost finish him off and my friend takes him out. I then spawn on him and we go to double team a few guys until we die. The high fives feel fun too :)

BeaArthur2641d ago

Haha, I had some dude that was using the buddy system too much earlier. He was literally my shadow. Everywhere I went, he went. I'd turn around he'd be right there. It was annoying but also pretty funny.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2642d ago

ddurand1: You must be some kind of a freaking n00b that you're complaining about something like this.

ddurand12642d ago

im a noob because the game isnt as fun as i expected?


M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Has nothing to do with that. Not anyone's problem you don't like it. I still think you're being n00bish. Uncharted isn't there to hold your hand. Learn the game or don't play it.

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koehler832642d ago

I hate the taunts. I HATE THEM! They're so obnoxious, childish and sometimes simply unacceptable.

Ultimately, other than the spectacular visuals the whole experience felt divorced from the Uncharted series I know and love.

Still absolutely psyched about the single player. Don't expect I'll be spending anymore time in MP, now or ever.

radphil2642d ago

"I hate the taunts. I HATE THEM! They're so obnoxious, childish and sometimes simply unacceptable. "

Then don't you mean you hate taunts, not those taunts.

Because that's what a taunt is.

Redempteur2642d ago

that's teh point of the taunts ..

and you can change them so use one you like ..

koehler832642d ago

They're all obnoxious. And terribly animated.

DNAbro2642d ago

you don't like air humping? it's hilarious

astar1234567892642d ago

One thing that I hate is it take soma bullets and then a guy just hits you this his gun once and your dead when you shot him yen times