Getting the most out of Kinect's camera

Develop-online: Lightning Fish offers in-depth dev insight into getting the most from tracking cameras

With the recent introduction of Kinect for the Xbox 360 the industry has seen something of a surge of interest in the field of camera based player tracking. To this end, Kinect comes pre-loaded with an impressive array of aids like traditional RGB, infra-red depth and microphone sensors.

There really is an impressively large amount that can be achieved with the basic RGB cameras, including the fact that you can use it to enhance the depth camera information on Kinect.

This article aims to show you how to get the best results, by giving you an understanding of RGB camera noise and where it comes from.

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Bigpappy2576d ago

I don;t believe the RGB cam in Kinect is used for motion sensing at all. That is completely done using infered. RBG is used for identifying people and objects.