Molyneux: "super secret" Project in The Works

Peter Molyneux is having a fun time saying stuff that either gets people upset or amazed at what he has the guts to say.

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Venox20082642d ago

fable racers or black & white party? :)

ATiElite2642d ago

1. Hype up Super Secret game
2. Release the name of game and hype it even more as the second coming
3. Slightly push game back so even more hype can be tossed upon said game
4. release game that doesn't live up to the hype
5. Molyneux then cries and apologizes for sub par game
6. Promises THE NEXT ONE will be better


Knushwood Butt2642d ago

Yeah, sad thing is it seems to work though.

ShoryukenII2642d ago

What happened to Milo & Kate? That game looked pretty cool. The new Fable looks like shit though.

ChrisGTR12642d ago

yea i cant wait for fable 4, even more dumbed down than fable kinect. fable as a franchise is completely dead to me after 2 :( just too dumbed down.

coryok2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

im sorry, is he trying to tell us that he will have something to tell us later?

thats it? nothing else? he has an interview and all he has to say is "ya we're doing something and we'll probably even tell you about it at some point, but not today, definitely not today"

kaveti66162642d ago

a lot of devs do that. it is irritating.

WhiteLightning2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Let the hype begin

I feel like he does have these great ideas but he's thinking too big and hitting the 360s limits.

I would like to see him make an exclusive Nintendo Wii U game and an exclusive PS3 game just too see what the guy is actually capable of (with bigger disc space for more stuff etc), but him being stuck with Microsoft...I don't see it happening soon

limewax2642d ago

On the next Xbox I hope, Feels as if the size of the game is starting to hold them back a bit, However there was a spare GB roughly on fable 3. I hope the next one doesn't suffer as bad. I really like Fable 3 in comparison to 2 however, I cant help but think at times that the textures at points are very low (dogs tongue in the intro) and suffers a lot of judder and frame drop.

I have a Games on demand copy but I have a lot of them and Fable 3 stands out as performing the worst by a long shot. Does anyone else suffer this even with a disc copy? Cause I may end up re-downloading if I am experiencing more issues than normal

consolez_FTW2642d ago

Only thing Peter could do for me to redeem himself is a Fable 1 HD remake....but that won't happen. So better prepare ourselves for another disappointment.

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The story is too old to be commented.