Do we need new hardware? Crysis 2 Xbox vs PC DX 11 screenshots

"As Crysis 2 receives a free update to allow Direct X 11 support for PC gamers with powerful rigs, we wonder if the elitist set ups are really worth being envious of as we compare screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 with some DX 11 screenshots of the game on PC. There are differences, but are they stark enough to warrant the kind of posturing PC gamers want to exude. The PC screens might not be the best quality they could be, but the comparison against our Xbox 360 shots are telling enough. We also question whether talk of new hardware in the console market is actually needed at this juncture considering how well Crytek has managed to squeeze some excellent performance from the Xbox and PS3's five year old hardware."

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gameseveryday2607d ago

Thats one hell of a comparison. But coming back to the article. Yes we do need a new hardware as imo the current gen is aging out.

evrfighter2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Screens are worthless if they aren't 1080p. Petty much the native res for pc gamers that own crysis 2. Lets see a 720p shot blown up to 1080p then compare as thats how it's gonna look on your 360

And no I havnt seen the screens. I probably won't till after work

pixelsword2607d ago

That won't work unless that's how a person playing the game will see the game when playing on a 360/PS3; otherwise, the best comparison is to get the native screenshots of all three at their native resolutions (720 (if that's what itis), even for the PC) and then get a 1080p for the PC and compare all together (because not everyone who has a PC is playing @ 1080p either).

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I think new consoles should really wait till the graphics get really better. This is to similar at the moment even with Dx11.

I don't know about you guys but Pc graphics just started getting really good again and i think if we give it like 2 more years they'll be even better! lets wait for a new console no need to rush

Edit: What happens to the building in the last screen? It's missing from pc version

silver-surfer2607d ago

Pretty much, is that a definative fact or just an assumption of yours?

pangitkqb2607d ago

I feel the time for a new gen is not this very day, but the very near future. I would like to see 2012 with the xbox 720 and a PS4 in early 2013.

That's just me though.

ATiElite2607d ago

Well for some PC gamers like myself it would be 1600p and the 360 native res is 720.

regardless you would need to see video of this to really appreciate the differences.

JBaby3432607d ago

I hate comparing screenshots. They just don't do games justice anymore. You have to see them in motion to really appreciate what happens on screen.

But if we have to judge screenshots then PC version was superior but not enough for me to go buy/build a new PC.

blackmagic2607d ago

Even running at the same low resolution of 1152x651 with the same geometric models and the same textures as the consoles, the pc still looks significantly better and I guarantee the pc is running that at a crazy framerate vs 30fps on consoles.

2607d ago
Theonetheonly2607d ago

dude useless screens he looked at stuff that wasnt in the patch.

try showing the simulated raytrace local reflections

the new tessellation work

the superb water rendering or the new water interaction

or the new smoke shadowing

or the now the new parralax occlusion mapping

how about the displacement mapping that makes every crack on the street 3d.

the screens that this dude used are completely arbitrary, yes they do show improvement on a few but the differences are staggering.

sphinct2607d ago

I'm a graphics whore. Good graphics don't actually make up for bad gameplay, but they certainly add to it.

I'm ready for a new Gen in 2012.

DaCajun2607d ago

First off these screen shot comparisons don't mean crap. Most idiots out there that talk trash are the ones who don't even have a native 1080p
LCD screen to view them on to be able to get any kind of idea. So you can put up 1080p screens up against 720p all day but those idiots will argue all day that there is no difference because they are looking at them with an old 480p sd crt or a 720p monitor. So it won't matter because they are to ignorant to know that no matter what you do that if you look at a 1080p screen on a 720p lcd you are not viewing it in it's true form and it will just look like another 720p screen.

ChrisW2607d ago

I agree with Sphinct. Good graphics do add to the overall experience. Besides, would you go to an art museum that had 3rd rate paintings? More than likely not.

awi59512607d ago

You can get a 1080p 22 inch screen for like 140 bucks now. If your gaming at less than that its silly on pc.

Theonetheonly2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

No need for comparison i took the liberty to take some screens to further show the amount of detail in this patch. i turned the settings to ultra and flipped on dx11 there is a match of wireframe renders to show the amount of geometry were talking about.

For the love of god LOOK AT THESE then youll have an idea, this guys screens suck! Mine show the detail.

the amount of polygons/geometry is insane


youll like the shot that shows the detail in the tire treads.

nickjkl2607d ago

no we dont need new hardware

when people still dont know how to use the hardware we have now

not to mention how recently theres constant studio closures and lay offs because the game doesnt sell as much as they thought it would

besides the first few years of a generation are always filled with games where the developers are just trying to get the game runnning on the system nothing more

geth1gh2607d ago

It also doesn't take into account the frame rate on the 360 which is no where near what it could be running on a decent pc with the even sharper graphics.

Yes cutting edge pc games CAN work on consoles, but there is always sacrifice. Usually being no AA and frame rate of about 30 fps compared to 60+ on a pc. Seems like they didnt have too much difference in texture which I applaud them for.

But yea, it is time to move on. When all the games are starting to run alright on consoles compared to their counterpart on the pc it is time to move on.

malamdra2607d ago

I've been saying this for a while: WE DON'T NEED NEW HARDWARE NOW

Crysis 2 with DX11 has the best possible visuals right now, and even if there's a noticeable difference with the console versions IS NOT A GENERATIONAL GAP, not even close

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Wuu2607d ago

Thous screen shout are specifically selected, get some bigger scenes with more flora and heavy light effects and xbox is doomed, and resolution, don't get me started.

IcarusOne2607d ago

Honestly, all I needed to see to get excited about new hardware was Epic's Samaritan demo. If they put DX11 in the next box and optimize for it, I'm sold.

Having said that, the longer they wait and the longer they refine, the better the results will be for all of us, Sony and Xbox fans alike. I'm pretty content with the way things are right now. I can wait a few more years before even hearing announcements.

It's kind of like having a delicious appetizer that you can take your time and enjoy will waiting for that succulent medium-rare slab of marinated veal.

Anon19742607d ago

I don't think new hardware is needed. As it sits right now, how many developers have the time, money and experience to push the existing console hardware? Not many. And how many developers are even able to utilize high end PC's? Again, not many. To make a game that does so takes millions and talent resources that a lot of developers simply can't handle. If there's a bottleneck, it's with the developers themselves as much as it is with current gen hardware. But we knew this coming into this gen - that there simply wouldn't be that many developers that had the resources to pull off AAA titles. New hardware isn't going to solve that problem.

bozebo2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

This ^

The cost to develop a game that keeps up with this gen's graphical standard is large, so many games that might be great suffer because they spend too long/much working on graphics or the graphics/tech are dated so it doesn't sell well, this also stifles creativity because there is a lot at steak when they put resources into a project.

Still, for most developers to support next-gen graphics all they have to do is write new shaders and up the image quality settings. For example - the newish Unreal demo is just showing off new shaders and rendering features, the old software was easy for them to adapt to the new hardware.

Solidus187-SCMilk2606d ago

I think new hardware would make it easier for devs. Sony said the next ps will be easy to program for. Xbox will be like a PC, wii u will have more power. They will all have more storage and some faster blu ray drives.

Devs wont have to spend time trying to squeeze every bit of power from consoles to push visuals. games would look alot better instantly with almost no effort from developers on new hardware. Just up the resolution/textures and add extra AA and some extra effects to a current gen game and you already have a much better looking version for a new console. Wii U could have that in early days if it actually ends up being a decent step up.

Everyone knows the early games of a new console are not the best it can do, devs are under no more pressure there. No need to push the visuals to hard in the early days because it will look way better initially than the old gen consoles.

hiredhelp2607d ago

Got some info i need ansewing i read this article. it has some flaws.

witch video card is this run on

is this with high settings

is this xfire or sli

trancefreak2607d ago

Those pc pics looks like the r_msaa 1 is enabled causing a blur.

My pc looks much better than that and I have that setting to off on ultra.

hiredhelp2607d ago

I tottaly gota agree with you here trance. my old ati hd 4870 looks as good as that. is defo been tuned down i think.

chriski3332607d ago

just fix the ps3 version

lil Titan2607d ago

PS3 is doing fine with its exclusives, just because a few multiplat developers dont know what they are doing to take advantage of the hardware they are givin we need a new system? im happy with my PS3 and there is more than enough life in PS3 to last 2-3 more years atleast maybe even more

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NYC_Gamer2607d ago

the need for new hardware is not only graphic based

Cartesian3D2607d ago

lol my thoughts exactly... what about AI? what about more random and non-scripted real-time stuff rather than scripted events? what about total destruction rather than fake destruction or no destructible objects at all ? .. etc all of them change the game play, replay value, fun .. everything.

I want a REAL GAME this time, not just improved shaders and resolution

bozebo2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

RAM at the moment. Both the PS3 and 360 could do a lot more gameplay-wise if they had more RAM. Taking a look at how much RAM my PC exclusive games use: Minecraft uses about 800MB-2GB (though it needs optimising, and it is in development for 360), Mount & Blade uses over a Gig because it has so much AI and physics, Black and White 2 with a huge city uses over 2 Gigs, again because of AI and physics. Terraria uses a gig in multiplayer mode with 4 people playing a large map.

Then again, Skype uses 100MB sitting idle...

CPU wise, an improvement would be great and also be required for future graphical improvements (more draw calls, pre-calculations and animations).
But I still think the graphics hardware is a problem when games are having to resort to 30fps or reduced environment scale (coridoor shooter syndrome etc, or simplification of detail in large scale areas - GTA4 somehow gets around the limitation!).

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kookie2607d ago

Pc gets updated every time with new cpu and gpus,rams and so on.
But consoles are not.

CynicalVision2607d ago

That's both a pro and a con of console gaming.

Pro because you never have to worry about specs since you always know the game you buy will work to the best of it's ability.

Con because...well look at the screenshots.

BubbleSniper2607d ago

this isn't even a comparison, it's an outright slaughter.

ViserysTargaryen2607d ago

That is what happens in every PC vs consoles matchup.

Inside_out2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

The 360 is the little engine that could this gen as it keeps smoking the competition.

The PC is NOT a closed system so showing ANY pics or video with out the specs is rather worthless and even then there is still other things that could effect the graphics that are not even discussed. There are no 2 PC's the same and every one will have a different experience. The Pixel Counters ( PC ) guys are always crying and refusing to even buy the games...o_O...and expect everything for free.

Nvidia has a " budget " PC set up to run Crysis 2 on PC that costs $699 and basically runs Crysis 2 at console level BUT if you over clock it, will run it a little better at 40

PC nowhere in site...

The PC guys think buying a $499-$599-$699 graphics card is fun and love to do it often...great. I'll take buying the console version and it's plug and play with out all the " optimizing " and downloading this driver and that driver only to have a game that stutters and spits as you try and try to find the magic combination. PC is good for those big MMO's...for now. Starcraft and WOW will be on the next Xbox and that is one of the reasons the new gen is necessary.

NOT on PC:

btw...just look at all the games coming this YEAR to the consoles in comparison to PC...Night and day. Gears and Forza 4 alone should have you running to the store to buy a 360. Luckily, if you buy a $599-up PC, you get a FREE 360 S...that says it all.

Yep...that good...AW

Revvin2607d ago

Can we have a collection made to help this poor gamer have his cataracts fixed? I'm guessing this must be why he thinks the 360 "wins hands down".

awi59512607d ago

You never have to spend that much on a GPU to max games two cheap 100 buck gpu's will max anything. The top of the line cards wont be really used untill next year when games come out that can really push them. some of the older direct x11 cards can be bought so cheap now just crossfire or sli. Crossfiring or sli older cards can outperform the new cards on the market and you save yourself alot of money.

The only time i buy a 300 card to run games on max settings is when i plan on crossfiring or sli later. Because i know i can buy my second card the next year for like 100 bucks then im set for 3 years.

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koehler832607d ago

There's hardware out there. Go put a rig together.

trancefreak2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

The level where you gotta rig the explosives back up metlife building in C2 on ultra is something to behold.

The xplosions and you name it have been overhauled on that massive level. I let the ceph just slaughter me so I can keep starring at it.

awi59512607d ago

You can buy new,used,and refurbised cards for dirt cheap on ebay just get a paypal account. If you cant buy the high end cards, you can buy two cheaper cards that outperform the new cards. Youll be surprised how many cheap cards you can crossfire or sli for low prices and get the same performance as the high end cards.