10 Most Amazing Mods In PC Gaming

GB: "No matter how much you love console gaming, you cannot deny the customisability of the PC gaming experience. From unofficial patches to dedicated server options, games go further than just the on-disc experience with PC gaming. With a wealth of dedicated fans with programming knowledge and experience, many popular PC titles get the crap modded out of them. Here are ten of our personal favourite game mods."

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TXIDarkAvenger2643d ago

Galactic Warfare looks like a lot of fun, I rather have that than any other CoD game other than CoD4. Garry's Mod is awesome and ENB Series on GTA4

BeastlyRig2643d ago

Can't wait to see LA Noire, Rage & Skyrim mods!

Agent-862643d ago

Rockstar should have released Red Dead Redemption on PC. I can just imagine the cool mods that could have been made for it.

TXIDarkAvenger2643d ago

Ah yeah, Skyrim mods! And Skyrim on consoles has mod support which is awesome.

evrfighter2643d ago

"And Skyrim on consoles has mod support which is awesome. "

keep your tissues nearby. you're gonna need em when you get the news.

TXIDarkAvenger2643d ago

I need them because I'll jizz? lol jk. I'm buying Skyrim on PC but I was speaking for those who own a console. I thought Skyrim on consoles were getting mod support no?

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ATiElite2643d ago

Yep i can confirm the ENB GTAIV mod is super mad awesome. I use that when i play the Modded MP online.

STALKER call of pripyat w/ the Complete mod is the only way to play the STALKER series as each game has a Complete mod. A little taxing on the GPU so if you barely make specs then try the Reloaded MOD as it improves the graphics too but with a slight lesser GPU performance hit.

Agent-862643d ago

This was a great list. Glad to see the Desert Combat mod for BF1942 get some respect. That mod really got me into PC gaming for the first time.

Hufandpuf2643d ago

I also wish that rpthey had mentioned the Project Reality mod for BF2. That won mod of the year multiple times on Mod