Milo tech 'used in Fable The Journey'

Develop-online: Peter Molyneux on promise-spree for upcoming project

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Pedobear Rocks2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Oh Peter you're so full of shit.

Though I do miss Milo ;)

StanLee2425d ago

Gotta love Peter's enthusiasm. Even after all these years and games' journalist and gamers turning on him for his overzealousness, he's still so enthusiastic about the gaming creation process.

wenaldy2425d ago

Love enthusiasm, effin hate his implementation = full of ***t

MAJ0R2425d ago

maybe you should replace the word enthusiasm with marketing

Lekumkee2426d ago

"Milo tech 'used in Fable The Journey"

Pre-recorded tech is being used for Fable?!

Eyeco2425d ago

Lol what happened to him , it was like the perfect game for pedophiles

badz1492425d ago

no others knows better than YOU do! hahaha....

priceless Pedobear comment FTW!

Tripl3seis2425d ago

lol yea what happened to him

badz1492425d ago

he's just being, you know...HIM! that's just what he does!

Tripl3seis2425d ago

yea wen they showed that kid milo i was like wtf is this that weird well to me it was lol

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