Battlefield 3 > Modern Warfare 3 - 5 Reasons

Battlefield VS Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 comparisons were imminent. In this mini series, there are two videos that come from two very different angles. Here is the first of two comparison videos I do in the Top 5: Ways BF3 Will Be Better Than MW3.

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Sanii2644d ago

yeah, maybe 5 years ago..

thief2644d ago

It was all about Halo

WANNAGETHIGH2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

This is getting old and boring quick...If u like BF3 buy it if u dont buy COD MW3.....Its all down to peoples personal opinion..Im a huge COD fan but i will be buying both...COD online play will forever have me addicted but i cant ignor BF3 fighter jets.

Supman2644d ago

Deciding which of these to buy
really just comes down to 1 question:
"Do you prefer Quality over Quantity?"
if the answer is yes, than bf 3 is for you.

Tripl3seis2644d ago

im getting bf3 is looking very awesome i love what dice is doing with the game so far and the destruction just did it for me so yep bf3 it is.

Pikajew2644d ago

Both are two different games with different online and single player.
It goes by opinion which one is better

NanoSoldier2644d ago

I would not call MW3 FAIL by now. Don't let the hate go to far. Look what the did with the amazing CoD4. Maybe MW3 will go this way again. And I bet that many people will still buy MW3 over BF3.

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