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GB: "Interesting fact: back when 3D Realms originally announced Duke Nukem Forever, Nintendo released it’s first polygonal 3D Zelda, Ocarina of Time, on a system that was struggling in the market to give it a boost. The game, Ocarina of Time, would go on to be known as the greatest game ever created, and would set the blueprint of 3D games. Fast forward to today, thirteen years later, and when Duke Nukem Forever is finally released after the longest development cycle for any game in history, Nintendo has released it’s first stereoscopic 3D Zelda, Ocarina of Time, on a system that has been struggling in the market to give it a boost. The remake of Ocarina has been warmly received everywhere, and many are calling it as the game that all stereoscopic 3D games must look to emulate henceforth."

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Wuu2572d ago

Nice rant, oh it market as review? This site give 8.5 to Homefront and 9.0 to COD map pack :> Some serious journalists there.

Urmomlol2572d ago

Hahahahahaha, Gaming Bolt is a joke of a website. NO one takes them seriously and neither should you.

Ares842572d ago

I haven't played the full game just the demo but judging from the demo it not nearly as bad as they make it out to be. I would give this game a strong 7 based on the demo. But I have to play the full game to get the full picture. Maybe the demo is the best part of the game.

DarkTower8052572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Played and beat the game. Solid 7/10 is a perfect score.

maniacmayhem2572d ago

Okay i think we get it now. DNF is not a good game, do we really need to approve these DNF reviews?

Son_Lee2572d ago

I enjoyed the demo, for what it's worth. I'll probably pick this up at a cheaper price.

Der_Kommandant2572d ago

Judging for the demo, this game is 6.5/10