Sonic Generations Demo: Did SEGA Get it Right?

The demo only lets us play the older Sonic which is good, because after the so-so release of Sonic 4 - Episode 1, everyone wants to see if SEGA can finally get back that feel we remember from the Genesis days. I have to say that I was pretty happy with the results. There is only one playable level, a re-imagining of Green Hill Zone. You take Classic Sonic through the level as fast as you can, with controls and momentum just like you remember it from the older games. With SEGA finally nailing the feel of Sonic (again) it gives me more hope for this game than I had before I played it. He runs and jumps just like you remember and of course his spin dash attack is there as well.

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Minartis2641d ago

I think Sega have got it right with this one , the demo was great - old Sonic plays fine , if modern Sonic still plays like the daytime levels in Sonic Unleashed then it's going to be a great game!

DA_SHREDDER2641d ago

I think where Sega screws up with Sonic is gameplay. All he ever did for years, was run, jump, and dash. Now you got melee, you have to run then duck under obstacles. My kids can play older sonic games, the new ones they can't even get past the first level.