GotGame: Don't Update Your Minecraft Just Yet

Ember says: Minecraft 1.7 and 1.7_01 both have problems...(cont' in article)

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samurailincoln2399d ago

I still haven't tried Minecraft. Guess I'll be waiting even longer to try it now.

digitalivan2398d ago

This was all fixed in 1.7.2 patch which came a day later.

DistrictMime2399d ago

I just heard about this. I didn't think minecraft would ever get this sort of problem.

ijkabob2398d ago

-_- I was wondering about this. My main save file went to "saving chunks" In the middle of me using pistons, then the screen went black, now my main save no longer works. Luckilly I'm paranoid as hell and have it backed up on my desktop, so I only lost about 5 minuets of work, still annoying but no huge deal.

f7897902398d ago

Hurray for being paranoid! We're right eventually!

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