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IncGamers: ...about as appealing as using a public restroom immediately after John Prescott has emptied his bowels of last night’s curry/fajita combo. What’s worse is that, as a reviewer of this game, I was forced to remain in this crap-hole until I’d finished. Unsurprisingly, I came out feeling, smelling and looking like sh**.

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LOL...What is the .9 for...If ur gonna give it a 2 just do it.I dont know how .1 will affect anything.

VINNIEPAZ2579d ago

I'm not even gonna read the review as I played this game and it sucks BAD. The fighting is slower than death. PLEASE stay away from this one people.

EazyC2579d ago

Hehe on the other side of the spectrum, Gamespot has given a few 9.9's in the past!

I think GS only goes up in .5's now, or at least it seems that way.