Modern Warfare 3 > Battlefield 3 - 5 Reasons

Battlefield 3 VS Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 comparisons were imminent. In this mini series, there are two videos that come from two very different angles.

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Sanii2455d ago

October 25th. That is all.

Dart892455d ago

I'll tell you why Mw3 will fail no beta=glitches upon release and while all you cod fans will be b**ching about glitches we BF3 player's will be dominating online enjoy:D.

Sanii2455d ago

I think MW3's glitches are exposed far more than other games because of the amount of people playing. I'm sure BF3 would have the same issues if 5 million people bought the game on the same day.

Soldierone2454d ago

The beta is out right now....its called Black Ops haha...

People don't use a beta as a beta anymore anyways, especially the COD community. A beta this late would simply be to test servers and Black Ops literally is doing that for them.

Warprincess1162454d ago

Yeah because betas automatically mean there won't be any glitches in the mutiplayer and i don't why Sanii has 3 disagrees. He right. You BF3 fanboys need to stop disagreeing with anyone who says something negative about the game. It really immature.

SixZeroFour2454d ago

@warprincess - your right, betas dont necessarily mean 0 bugs/glitches, but it does mean a significant reduction of possible bugs/glitches, you would think activision would have learned this by now that CoD games need betas, i mean every cod game since 4 has had tons of glitches when its released and even still to this day

@sanii - i didnt hit disagree (cause i often voice my disagree rather than show it with a number) but 5mil ppl buying a game on the same day has nothing to do with glitches being could make the argument that more ppl playing CoD would mean more ppl trying to find glitches, which is true, but ill put this out there, halo 3 and reach, as far as im concerned, has no or barely any online multiplayer glitches and hundreds of thousands of players play that game daily, and millions bought on the same day, so why doesnt it have bugs? cause halo had a multiplayer beta to sort that kinda stuff out

BlackKnight2454d ago

Warprincess116 is doing her normal BF3 bashing because the almighty PS3 doesn't look as good as the PC version due to DICE being crap and not having knowledge of TEH CELL.

Perfect post of hypocrisy from her calling someone a fanboy.


acquanemesisX2453d ago

@ warprincess
ive seen at least 10 of your comments and all are anti BF3 and COD supportive. Now I would like you to shut up because it is getting real annoying. No im not a BF3 fanboy because I own more COD games than Battlefield and I can state a few bad things about BF3 that make sense. I just think BF3 looks interesting. You are obviously a COD fanboy, you are being immature not us.

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For Fcck im tired of all this dumb articles...Its all down to ur personal opinion.

firemassacre2455d ago

"modern warfare 3" (im the boss)
thunder erupts....
"battlefield 3" (Yippy Kai Aye Motherfucker)

ddkshah2454d ago

yes sheep that's what this website is ;)

bwazy2454d ago

I rode my rofflecopter all the way to the lolhouse.

GamerSciz2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Title should be renamed to "Give us hits please".

Either way "Flame suit on". This will probably get hot in here.

FragMnTagM2454d ago

And to make shit worse, none of the reasons he listed make any sense as to why MW3 would be better than BF3. He was basically talking out of his ass, rather than giving concrete reasons as to why it would be better.

I am tired of this site and I am going to rate it poorly as well as give a WTF to the article.

Liquid_Ocelot2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )


Those were the dumbest '5 reasons' I've ever heard.. it'll sell more than BF3 which = all my friends are going to be playing it? N*gga please, my friends know better than that. All my friends paid BF3 in full loooong ago.
See you all on the Battlefield. *Salute*

Even the sheep's body looks like an Xbox 360 controller, wtf?

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