Editorial critics love BioShock Infinite

8bitfix writes: BioShock is a franchise that has taken us through the gorgeous world of Rapture. This city, once elegant and full of charm, turned mysterious and eerie, captured the hearts of its player. BioShock Infinite is now taking the setting to the sky, with a floating city called Columbia. They are bringing back the elegance and uniqueness in this new setting.

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CrzyFooL2607d ago

Best game at E3 2011 by FAR

coryok2607d ago

never played bioshock before, planning on getting this one because it comes with the first bioshock, i love when they give you their first game when you buy one of their other games

Thrillhouse2607d ago

You'll be in for quite a ride! One of my favourite games from this gen.

TheLastGuardian20102605d ago

playing bioshock for the first time is like losing your virginity. You'll never forget it.