Borderlands GOTY Edition on Sale at Play-Asia

Play-Asia is having a wicked sale for Gearbox Software's Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands.

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shammgod2638d ago

I waited forever for this but was too impatient

maniac762638d ago

i wanted this so much till i found out you had to download the extras,would have been nice to have evrything on one disc. great game tho

BoNeSaW232638d ago

How many hours would i have to put in this game with all the add-ons to finish? And is the leveling up "grindy" or fun? Just curious because I already have so many games to catch up on but this seems like a to awesome of a deal to pass on.
And if I do end up purchasing from play asia I think i'll grab the disc version of Siren as well.