FFXIII-2 Composers Announced at Japan Expo

Square Enix has announced today the composers for their upcoming game "Final Fantasy XIII-2".

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BubbleSniper2641d ago

Masashi Hamauzus work in Saga Frontier 2 is noteworthy.

i didn't care for the Final Fantasy XIII OST though...

Magnus2641d ago

Wheres VS13 SquareEnix?

BubbleSniper2641d ago

there's always TGS... if it's not there, then it might come out @ E3 being announced as multiplat. SE have been waaaaay too quiet about Versus.

juniorpop2641d ago

Those are nameless composers except Masashi Hamazu. But I checked out their profile and those composers previously worked on FFIX, TWEWY, and Dissidia, so I guess we would be having a treat of different musical styles in the game which I believe it's always a good thing.

ismejks2641d ago

actually mizuta was known to be involved last few week ago from famitsu

here are his work from FF11 damn similar to Nobou style:

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