A First Look at an Unnamed Shooter

A mysterious email teased Gaming Irresponsibly with an image from an unannounced game.


Update: added a few more related images from the dev website.

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blitz0x2517d ago

All I can see there is a background image


Hmmmm...Another shooter. Tell me something new.

blitz0x2517d ago

This just in: they'll stop.making em when people stop buying them lol.

Hufandpuf2517d ago

I don't get you guys, you say shooters are getting boring yet there are hundreds of other types of games that are made for different genres. If you're so stuck up about the popularity of shooters then go to Japan where there are a sea of RPG games. You crack me up.

BeastlyRig2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )


well don't worry Red Orchestra 2 is coming in august!

agentxk2517d ago

Looking forward to it. Just need to get a better mouse!

agentxk2517d ago

It has been a good bit since there has been a pure pc shooter

maskren2517d ago

If it's from Poland, then I'm already in love with it.

2517d ago