Totally360: UFC Personal Trainer Review

UTotally360 writes: FC Personal Trainer is now available in stores and it is one of the best fitness games available for Kinect. The team over at Heavy Iron Studios has done a really great job incorporating the UFC into this game as well as the fighters and trainers that everyone loves to watch. To help with the development of this game, THQ and Heavy Iron Studios teamed up with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). The NASM is responsible for the certification of personal trainers across the country and provides continuing education for sports trainers around the world. Being able to utilize the NASM and their wealth of knowledge for this title definitely helped when it came to creating the different exercises. There are routines and programs that have been designed to build strength, cut weight, improve coordination and more along with real mixed martial arts techniques. There is almost always either a trainer or a UFC fighter on screen showing you how to do any gi...

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FragMnTagM2602d ago

Might have to pick this one up. I have it on my Gamefly list, so we'll see how much I like it. I really need to get into shape, lol.