AtomicGamer: UFC Personal Trainer Xbox Kinect Review

AtomicGamer writes: How many times have you bought a fitness game and expected to lose a bunch of weight, only to get bored of it and quit within the first week? We've heard plenty of these stories and I've taken part in my own versions of them more than once, but this time, I'm hoping it sticks. And since I'm a fan of mixed martial arts, I'm thinking that UFC Personal Trainer will keep me motivated. What I can say after several sessions leading up to the game's release date, though, is that staying on schedule is going to be a challenge, and it's not all because of a round belly.

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kingofhalo20502572d ago

For now am sticking to Your Shap:FE, will wait a bit before i get my hands on this one.

K1LLSburyPWNboy2572d ago

now the xbots will be able to back up their smack talk a little more at least:)