A Glimpse Of The PS Vita Facial Recognition Tech

The technology running behind the PS Vita is very impressive, we have already seen marker-less AR (augmented reality) which the 3DS and PSP need in order to achieve. Not only can the Vita do AR without markers but it can also do facial recognition. How far this tech will go, only time will tell.

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sinncross2644d ago

They showed off this tech for PS3:

Looks fun: I wonder if they will design a a game around the concept.

viperman2402644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Yes I remember that as well, too bad it never came out for the PS3 for commercial use, but they said the same thing about this, its just a tech demo.

We wont be able to do this yet again with the Vita since it also is just a tech demo :/

Why doesn't Sony include this to the PS3/Vita I will never know. It could be a great selling point as well.

EDIT: Remember this as well? It never came out to the public.

BubbleSniper2643d ago

I saw that video awhile back. If Sony would do this, man... they need to do something with HOME and the PS EYE Toy.

Expand on HOME and let us create custom avatars.

zero_cool2644d ago

Awesome now gimme my playstation vita & some launch games now!

MasterCornholio2643d ago

Calm down. I know its hard to believe but its 250 Euros. Amazing isnt it that this amazing gadjet is priced the same as the 3DS i was expecting 350 euros but never 250.

best bang for the buck (tech wise) = PSV