PCGAMER: Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 review

PCGAMER's Chris Comiskey writes: I’ll be frank: the GeForce GTX 590 will murder your checking account. At $700, you’re probably wondering—as I was—if it could possibly be worth it. Well, it’s time to start scraping up extra cash by mowing lawns on the weekend, because yep: this thing is amazing. With all graphics options jacked to their highest levels, the GTX 590 will crush and smoothly liquefy any game you shove in its way, even at the demigodly resolution of 2560×1600.

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Newtype2459d ago

This is cheaper than buying two GTX 580s, and looks like the reviewer forgot to mention that there is a GTX 580 3GB meaning you can just buy that over the 590. The VRAM is what matters in running multiple displays.

Also, I wouldn't buy a card from Nvidia. Best to get it from one of Nvidia's partners. EVGA version is way better, Lifetime Warranty and step up program. The biggest perk to the 590 is that it features a display port over the 580. It's weird how the reviewer doesn't see the display port as a good thing but brushes it off as just another connection. Display port > HDMI, DVI since it has the ability to daisy chain.

BubbleSniper2459d ago

I still prefer the 580 over anything else in the Nvidia lineup.

the top end card is too much, but is a significant jump from the 580, 3gig, 1k+ CUDA cores and such.

You might be able to get a deal on 2X580's for less than this card, infact I can almost guarantee it.

ATiElite2459d ago

Well your guarantee is wrong cause you CAN NOT get two NEW 580 GTX's cheaper than a 590.

The cheapest i can find a 580 is $499

2459d ago
ichdich2459d ago

the Xbox 360 has this card?

BubbleSniper2459d ago

if it had this card it would explode, not to mention need more ram than the dismal 512 it currently has.

Ocelot5252459d ago

people disagree cuz pc fanboys are easily enraged over something.

And angry pc-fanboys are really entertaining :D

Chnswdchldrn2459d ago

yes the 360 is running this card in SLI

pipipi2459d ago

hahahahahaha no, no and no remember that the xbox 360 is 6 years old?, and xbox has DX09 and this card is DX11 besides i guess, im not sure but the xbox has an ATI card.

PS360PCROCKS2459d ago

Joke? I if xbox 360 had this card, omg it would pump out some ridiculous graphics @ 720/1080P. Of course total overkill as well

user98412882458d ago

yes it does that's why crysis 2 on PC looks the same as it does on XBOX. I sawz da Screenshots on da intrawebs at n4g so iz gotta be trues

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