BattleStrats Hands-On Preview – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Many video game industry writers have criticized Modern Warfare 3 as being the same as Modern Warfare 2, just in a different package. Fans and haters of the series seemed to have latched onto that theory, spamming forums and comment boxes with words of distaste and disinterest. With what we experienced, both with the two campaign levels we watched and with the hands-on time we had with the game, this title will bring enough changes to keep the game fresh and exciting.

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xxxAnubisxxx2642d ago

In reality, Battlefield 3 doesn't have a chance to outsell MW3. Plus, players will play it longer...

yarbie10002642d ago

Don't understand why people always need to bring up BF when talking about CoD. I've played both extensively and they are not similar.

DTMBSquid2642d ago

It's because Call of Duty is better.

csreynolds2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Wow. Did you think of that reply all by yourself?

csreynolds2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Me neither. Personally I'm getting really tired of these playground "CoD is better/Battlefield 3 is better" arguments; they're worse than the PS3/Xbox 360 fanboy fights.

I play titles from both franchises, and value both for their individual qualities. Competition between the two is inevitable - and healthy - but it's being taken too far.

These two games can coexist, and people will have their favourites. Don't like CoD? Don't buy it. Don't like BF? Don't buy it. Simple.

fullymoated2642d ago

Everyone loves to be a fanboy. Both should be awesome, and quite a bit different gameplay wise.

Joshua592642d ago

call of duty is more action then battle field and more people play it

xxxAnubisxxx2642d ago

People seem to like faster paced shooters... Not sure why

FunkMcnasty2642d ago

The two missions from the campaign the author is writing about are the exact same missions everyone has seen since the E3 demo a month ago. In those missions nothing that was shown in the gameplay or environments were "new" and exciting as the author implies.

I really thought that with EA pushing the envelope with BF3, that we'd see Activision step it up with the CoD franchise.

Bonobo123452642d ago

MW2 Is good for a pick up and play, but I get bored after one game now.