Unnamed Game Screenshot Hits Internet

Andrew at SFX-360 says:

"While watching my twitter and having conversations with a few friends I happen to notice one of my good friend at Evolve PR linking to a unnamed game with a newly released picture. This picture has been posted below and makes me wonder what it will be, what to expect down the road and how great of a game it will be in the end. Hopefully not far from now more will be brought up about the game but for now we'll let you stare at the picture below."

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chak_2641d ago

It's not unnamed it's blacklight retribution...

H2OAcidic2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I've been good friends with the PR for quite sometime. He stated and I quote....

"Evolve PR: Yippee! I get to release a screenshot of a game that isn't announced yet. MUAHAHA. Let the teasing begin!"

No name was announced the only that on the Evolve PR website is that it's an upcoming PC game. It could be anything you want it to be. I can say it's a blade runner PC game... How easy is it to just throw up a name of a game and say it's this or that game?


The developers of the game are...

ATiElite2641d ago

Yes folks we have a winner!!

Chak_ wins a life time supply of Breathing Air for naming this "unnamed game".

Blacklight Retribution....a totally Free 2 play PC Game with some very nice graphics.

Deeke2641d ago

Looking good! Reminds me of a futuristic city from Blade Runner or another sci-fi series perhaps ;]

H2OAcidic2641d ago

I thought the same thing! Now only if that was true but for now we only have a screenshot to keep guessing what it could be.

bozebo2641d ago

Obviously Blacklight Retribution.

Alos882641d ago

For a second I was reminded of Midgar looking at that pic.