IO Interactive hints at multiplayer for Hitman: Absolution

IO Interactive's Christian Elverdam has hinted at Hitman: Absolution becoming the first title within the franchise to feature some sort of multiplayer mode.

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kharma452573d ago

Not sure how I feel on this, not really warming to it at the minute.

Hopefully they focus on making an excellent single player campaign and don't let it down by having to divert time and effort to tacking on multiplayer.

mjolliffe2573d ago

I'm interested to see how they'll do it but, of course, a great single-player experience comes first.

I_find_it_funny2573d ago

another game that does not need multiplayer gets it, Bioshock2 failed, Dead Space2 failed, Hitman is next

Derekvinyard132573d ago

IDK might kinda be like ac brotherhood somehow. @funny although i do agree with you, alot of people were skeptic on AC having MP but i kinda turned out fun

BabyCarlos2573d ago

I think that there is indeed potential for a great co-op game. Competive multiplayer would might suck, though.

calibann2573d ago

I'd like to see a 1 on 1 head to head mode where you both enter a singleplayer level from random locations and must compete to assassinate the target without being caught or killed by the other player. Of course both players will look different from one another and not like Agent 47, so that your opponent could not differentiate you from a crowd unless you make hostile movements.

mjolliffe2573d ago

Really good idea. Send it over to IO!

Dark_Overlord2573d ago

Great more shitty MP tacked onto games that don't need it.

The MP in ACB is the worst MP I have played this generation, it was totally unneeded