View Real 3D-Screenshots of Nintendo 3DS Games

Ever wanted to see real 3D screenshots of 3DS game before buying them? Type in into your 3DS-Browser and use the Gallery to activate and download real 3D images of the Nintendo 3DS games. The file format is mpo and they are viewable on a Nintendo 3DS or any stereoscopic screen that supports the files.

Images include: Nintendogs, Pilotwings, One Piece and Vektor Tank 3D+

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Zyrando2573d ago

Wow.. the 3DS-Browser isn't as horrible as I thought :D

n4f2573d ago

its actually excellent cause you can pause your game go to the web and continue your game without quitting it

El_Colombiano2573d ago

I've used this with OoT already. Think it's a step in the right direction.

portablegaming2573d ago

Works super. Choose Galery, click on the image on the bottom screen and voliá a 3D Screenshot of a 3DS game!

Sorano2573d ago

Or you can just download the mpo-files from the link and save them on the 3DS SD card.

franktheprankreturns2573d ago

I hate these dogs... The look so cute...

AlanarWindblade2573d ago

Neat! Especially since the European eShop doesn't have 3D screenshots.

Nibbler2573d ago

That is a cool feature. I just tried it out. And you can even save the ones you like.

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