Respawn Team Is 80 Per Cent Ex-Infinity Ward Staff

NowGamer: The overwhelming majority of Respawn Entertainment's team of developers came from Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward...

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The Matrix2453d ago

That means that MW3 is being made by 20% or less of Infinity members?? Yikes.

AdrianHD2453d ago

No, Respawn is made up of 80% ex-Infinity Ward peeps. That doesn't mean 80% of Infinity Ward left.

marioPSUC2453d ago

ya but a lot of the higher up guys in Infinity ward left to go to Respawn

BeastlyRig2453d ago

I have a feeling the best talent now work at respawn..

Millah2453d ago

Yea, there's still more than half of IW left. But that doesn't mean they're the key members. Almost every single IMPORTANT member of IW are now with Respawn. These guys are the brains behind the series, the ones who designed the game mechanics etc.

The majority of people left at IW are either just office workers or just tech people and engineers who worked on things like the graphics engine, art, sound, etc. Not the actual key game designers.

Which is why MW3 won't be the same. I'm not saying Sledgehammer won't bring good ideas, but from what we've seen so far that doesn't seem to be the case. Seems literally like a MW2 map pack.

Elven62453d ago

No, it only means 80% of Respawn's current employee count is from Infinity Ward, not that 80% of Infinity Ward left to join Respawn.

xVeZx2453d ago

im glad that nasally bastard bowling didnt go with them

MidnytRain2453d ago

But who will be Respawn's GLASS spokesman?

ikkokucrisis2453d ago

From what I understand, COD would never be if it weren't for these core individuals. I hope they get what they deserve this time around for making such amazing games!

ddkshah2453d ago

So infinity ward got to keep the leftovers while respawn got most of the ex's best devs ;) infinity ward isn't really infinity ward. All of it's brains are now @ respawn (the new IW) so ea wins again nice... I am getting tired of activision and their plot to ruin gaming. You guys are keeping the crash bandicoot ip for what reason? Sell it back to Sony so they can make a real game out of it and that crap that they call mind over mutants.

Elven62453d ago

Hunh? Infinity Ward had over 100 employees before the lawsuit business came into play. Just under half left to go to Respawn, judging by everything we know of MW3 so far it looks like most of what people like about those games is still there. So no one has the "brains" since there are plenty of Call of Duty veterans at both studios...

Mind over Mutants was a Sierra game, the only reason Activision got it was because the merger happened a few weeks before that game came out. Much like Spyro, no one really knows how a new Crash game under Activision will be like until they release their first true games in those series.

radphil2453d ago


The problem being is those "less than half" that left, were key important people, mainly Lead positions and programmers.

Elven62453d ago

It's difficult to put an exact number on how many vital employees left since we don't know exact Infinity Ward (or even Respawn) positions. All we do know is that there are a number of Infinity Ward veterans at both studios.

If you have experience with engine technology, especially internal variations you already have a pretty big benefit over those new to a project. I'm not a very big Call of Duty fan (3 was the last one I really liked) but it's silly to think those left over at Infinity Ward have no idea what they're doing.

CyberCam2453d ago

You guys are forgetting that a small number of people left IW and didn't go to Respawn too.

radphil2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )


Actually there was a YT video a while back showing the current people that actually left, and confirmed themselves of leaving.

The way how they showed it was showing the end credits to CoD, and those that left had their names crossed out. It wasn't pretty. There was one whole department that left.

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pandehz2453d ago

This means Activision will be camping the spawn points :D