Activision unsure of Wii U's online capabilities

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has suggested that he's still just as much in the dark as we are when it comes to the online capabilities of Nintendo's Wii U, saying that the publisher needs "more clarity from Nintendo" on the online side of things, despite being "enthusiastic" about the prospect of being able to create "deep rich multiplayer games".

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badz1492643d ago

let alone the still unreleased Wii U! just saying

DA_SHREDDER2643d ago

really? I think they got their grips pretty tight on the ps3 crowd. Nintendo is a whole other issue all together. I think nintendo's online sucks, really look at how bad the 3DS online is. The Vita already blows thats away and its not even out yet. Though I'm loving my DS games with the analog. Thats about the only thing the 3DS does right now. DSI ware is even better.

Xander-RKoS2643d ago

What's wrong with the 3DS online? I've been playing Dead or Alive Dimensions with almost zero lag.

meganick2643d ago

My experiences with 3DS online have been fine. What problems have you been having?

lizard812882643d ago

I would like to know as well

Ness-Psi2643d ago

yeah my dog wants to know aswell.

SpitTake2639d ago

ya de_shreddr u dumb bitch why don't you tell you dumb bastard

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DeadlyFire2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Activision can't get PC online right. Peer to Peer matchmaking? That isn't a PC game. Its okay kinda way to play, but kinda gets old. PC has always been pick a lobby and join. Peer to Peer just slows down connecting to games and they are not dedicated so games can only have a certain player count before lag kicks in.

I am very certain Wii U will have something like PSN/Xbox Live.

lizard812882643d ago

anyway, good. Activision, stay far away from this thing, before you kill off another series.

I wouldn't be surprised if they made that spyro game for the wiiu, where you set the figure on the wiiupad. throw in a few new characters and then sell it at $70.

prettyboy122643d ago

im still pretty uninformed of what the wiiu can even do.