Kotick on Battlefield 3: I don’t think about the competition

Perhaps only adding fuel to the fire, Activision’s boss-man says he doesn’t spend much time thinking about Battlefield 3, nor does he “feel the need” to comment on other companies' games.

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firemassacre2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )


JLeVRT2454d ago

Yea, he's just mad, cuz EA didnt let him into the booth to play BF3 at E3...

fluffydelusions2454d ago

I don't think about it but I tried playing at e3 - Kotick

ATiElite2454d ago

...not since EA gave me the boot at E3 and wouldn't let me play BF3 like i was somebodies annoying adopted little step brother.

MerkinMax2454d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

phantomfragger2454d ago

Great thinking ignore the competition worked for Guitar Hero.......Oh wait

lastdual2454d ago

It would be nice if N4G didn't "feel the need" to keep posting BF3 vs MW3 topics. It was already getting old weeks ago.

bozebo2454d ago

N4G doesn't post topics.

csreynolds2454d ago

You're right, but they do keep approving them, which I think was the point lastdual was trying to make... it needs to stop.

Krimmson2454d ago

Right, you don't think about the competition.
Which is exactly why Guitar Hero added in drums and microphone when Rock Band was beating them in sales-wise, right?

Elven62454d ago

Rock Band never beat Guitar Hero sales wise, the first Rock Band game sold 4 million units at retail as of mid 2008 while Guitar Hero III did 8 million units at the same time.

After that, sales for both games began to drop but Guitar Hero was still outselling Rock Band.

Krimmson2453d ago

Well considering with Rock band, you'd need to buy about $150-$180 to get the whole set up, which a lot of people did in fact buy...

Ok, I should have said that they made more of a profit instead of sales-wise.

Elven62453d ago

Even if you go by hardware costs Guitar Hero III still outsold Rock Band with $1 billion in revenue compared to $600 million.

I also don't know why I got disagrees when I presented links along with the facts!

Krimmson2453d ago

Actually, from what I'm reading, GH3 only did $831 million in revenue, not $1 billion. Probably just got your facts mixed up.

But fair enough. Guitar Hero 3 did seem to be more successful, financially, than Rock Band.

Still intriguing as to why Guitar Hero decided to go the band route with their next game (and no, I'm not talking about Aerosmith). They were probably watching their competition.

... Which goes back to my first point in saying that Kotick is full of crap when he says he doesn't think about the competition.

Elven62453d ago

The billion figure is in the link I provided, the one you provided is only the US so one can assume the rest is probably all other territories combined.

Nothing wrong with going the band route in the franchise. Kotick is only the CEO of Activision, he doesn't make games, secondly, as per the article Kotick says he doesn't think about the competition because he doesn't feel the need to comment about the other franchise like EA's CEO is doing with MW3. Don't know what your impression is regarding what he said.

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The story is too old to be commented.