blipREVIEW: Ape Escape (PS3/PSN)

Gamesblip writes: Just for something new and different, we’re befuddled. We’re told that the principal difference between apes and monkeys, other than thinky-stuff magnitude, is that the former don’t have tails. In this case then, the title ‘Ape Escape’ would be correct...

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Bathyj2523d ago

This is very disappointing.

The younger amongst you might not remember, that not only was the original Ape Escape an awesome platformer, with varied gameplay, gadgets and cute as hell monkeys, but it also showed brilliant use of the then new Dual Shock twin analogue sticks that has rarely been put to better use.

Had Sony succeeded here they could have brought this franchise to a new generation and done the same for the move controller. Maybe they feared it reverting into a wagglefest, but catching a monkey in a net with perfect 1:1 movement tracking sounds alot better than a crappy on rails shooter. Not to mention all the ways they could have implemented the move to the different gadgets.

Perhaps that was the problem. The game could have been incredibly ambitious under a kiddy exterior and maybe they just decided it was easier to rush out a quick waggle cash in on the franchise.

Good for the kids, but nothing for gamers or fans of the series.

badz1492523d ago

have it and yet to finish it! but the game not really representing the Ape Escape franchise as a whole. I'm still excited for Ape Escape 4 though! lets just hope it's not another on-rail game like this!

thrashermario2523d ago

were did you hear about ape escape 4

badz1492523d ago

no where maybe. but I think they will release it! fingers cross!

jack_burt0n2523d ago

this is a psn title yeah its being put on a disc but its also like twenty $.

Its a balancing act, it has to be pretty simple for very young kids, so yeah we are not being catered for but its not as badly on rails as something like fable.

sony messed up by putting this and kung fu rider on bluray, as psn titles they are great but they are using it to pad out the move releases on bluray.

Graphics2523d ago

I remember a while ago I couldn't wait to play a ape escape on ps3.

Another franchise ruined on ps3....

cobblestone192517d ago

BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

jneul2523d ago

they could have easily put in control of your character using the navigator games like killzone prove its not impossible, but unfortunately alot of developers seem to be copying what happened on wii and keeping most titles on rails, it's really sad as the move is so much more capable than the wiiremote:-(
none the less i enjoyed the demo so who knows maybe ill pick it up one day when it's really cheap