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John Dubya Writes: Earlier this week, Naughty Dog opened up the Multiplayer Beta for their highly anticipated Uncharted 3 to PS+ Subscribers and inFAMOUS 2 owners. I got online to see how it faired.

After an initial problem involving connection errors, Naughty Dog issued a patch that seemed to get everyone in the game. Straight away, you can notice the different approach they seem to be taking with Uncharted 3. Instead of just having skins to choose from, Naughty Dog has added the ability to customise the way your character looks. There are the usual suspects here, like Drake and Sully, but there are also a bunch of other skins that you can then mess about with. From changing the clothes they wear, to adding things like sunglasses; there are many ways to give your character more style. Not all of the custom gear is available in the beta (and most of the stuff there is locked until you reach certain levels), so it does feel limited at the moment, but should be great in the final version.

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DirtyLary2644d ago

It's over the top arcady fun. Nice change.

AAACE52644d ago

I played... I liked.... I want more!

kza2644d ago

U2 Beta was better, U3 feels abit clunky. Im sure ND will fix this though.

johndubya2644d ago

I know what you mean, especially when it comes to climbing. I'm sure you are right and ND will get it sorted. After all, what is the beta for if not for testing these things!

metsgaming2644d ago

the controls are horribly sluggish and clunky, i really hope this is just a fact it being a beta and not a a design choice. Then there is hit detection which is messed up but of course should be fixed. I think they need to go back to UC2 recoil the recoil is annoying.

andibandit2644d ago

Im sure i just played Game of The Year

DirtyLary2644d ago

Nah, this wasn't the Twisted Metal or Starhawk beta.

zoks3102644d ago

Amazingly fun to play, it's quick and refreshing like angry birds, just fast get in and out fun, it's almost perfect.

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