Ubisoft Announces Release Dates Of Major Games

Ubisoft have announced release dates of major games releasing this year and the next one.

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Yi-Long2427d ago

... Rayman HD looks promising, but I know I won't be buying it at full-price.

Driver COULD be good, but it would surprise me.

And Splinter Cell is great, but I already have all 3 titles on my old Xbox, so I won't be in a rush to pick it up. I hope they fixed the beginning of Chaos Theory so you don't have to watch the whole CGI clip everytime while not being able to click through it to get to the start-menu.

I wish Ubi would just release Beyond Good and Evil 2.

lociefer2427d ago

awaiting Mr Cocaine: The Doodly Doodly Adventure

Blacktric2427d ago

Poop on your toothpaste.

Lekumkee2426d ago

Wait... what?! Raymen is a full price game? It's not a PSN/XBL priced title?

MWong2427d ago

Atleast it's not cancelled as many of us thought. But I am still a little sad not to even see any release date insight.

zak94ma2426d ago

again nothing but boring stuff. no BG&E2 in the horizon !!!

BoNeSaW232426d ago

Never played a Rayman game but I will be in November! :)

BatRastered2426d ago

Weird... Ubisoft's website doesn't have this info yet, not even a press release. Also all these dates are Friday's and most games in the U.S. release on Tuesday. Maybe these are Euro dates?

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