Developers need to innovate their sequels or face creative bankruptcy

Most people compare game sequels to Hollywood blockbusters because they generally follow the same rule of making everything bigger and better, but actually they’re more like a TV show. Initial ideas are rough at first, but are perfected over-time.

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2fk2697d ago

sadly not always true

Chinner2697d ago

It depends on the franchise. Maybe using the life-span of a tv show is more accurate? Sequels improve the idea found in the original, but it soon runs into a creative draught?

2fk2697d ago

agreed; here are a couple of major let downs from well known companies

Black Ops
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Final Fantasy XIII

LOGICWINS2697d ago

I actually enjoyed MGS2 and MK vs. DC universe.

Chinner2697d ago

There's some stuff about that in the article, but MGS2 was the fourth game in the series by then. MG2: Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid all improved upon the predecessors.

Also, I liked MGS2!

2fk2697d ago

i rather had play as snake that the most disappointing thing about it =/

dangert122697d ago

ok thats air,reason he may think this though is games have more sequels then most movies

firemassacre2697d ago

like resident evil...
silent hill...
call of duty...
medal of honror...
devil may cry...
splinter cell...

dark-hollow2697d ago

And not so surprising... Capcom gets the lion share for shitty sequels.

dark-hollow2697d ago

square enix and capcom sequels quality are going down the toilet.

2697d ago
Chinner2697d ago

Capcom tries now and then. When they have the formula figured out, like they did with Resi 2, then they just start the monkey-making process. I think between the release of Resi 2 and 4, there was about 9 RE games and most of them were bad.

Then, when Capcom realises that nobody cares, they actually put effort into making the game good again, like they did with Resi 4. Shamefully, they fall back into their old habits and we get the fairly bland Resi 5.

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