TGC: PlayStation Move Not The “Best Controller For Journey”

Currently undergoing beta, Thatgamecompany’s Journey is receiving very positive feedback from those lucky enough to participate in the beta.

Although the game utilizes the six-axis motion control feature on Sony’s Dual Shock 3 controller, some wonder why TGC hasn’t embraced the PlayStation Move. TGC recently explained why Journey may not have Move support.

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DA_SHREDDER2643d ago

how can it be the best controller when it doesn't have any buttons or analog stick to move camera angles. and why doesn't the Navigator not have a Move glowing ball light? Cutting down the cost for the machine really limited the gameplay possibilities for such a innovating hardware. It could have done everything the Kinect and Wii could do combined but Sony are a bunch of idiots that depend on their first party studios to carry the playstation brand all by themselves.

zootang2642d ago

One lightsaber game and it's on for the Move.

kneon2642d ago

The glowing ball is the equivalent of the right stick so yes you can move the camera, and it does have buttons. Have you used move or even seen one in person?

But I agree on the navigator, If I had designed this I would have tried to do it using only the navigator with the ball added. Then you'd have 2 analog sticks, all the buttons and in addition 2 glowing balls. Then you could do even more than what is possible now with either traditional controllers or motion control. But that may have been too difficult for many gamers to handle.

Motion control us not ideal for every game type, just as traditional controllers are not ideal for every game type. Use the right controller for the game and you'll be much happier.

Dark_king2642d ago

They should of at the very least gave the Nav six axis.It would worked better with just that,the best would of been all the tech from the move minus the glowing ball.It would be difficult to put a ball and L1/L2 on it.The ball is what tells the system where the controller is in a 3d space its not what tells the system where you moved.

DigitalRaptor2642d ago

Ken Levine & Irrational developing a PlayStation Move control scheme for BioShock Infinite is all I need to hear. In their hands it could be something amazing.

That is really just the start of third parties taking the device seriously. They are going to get involved whether it's now or in a year or two.

Redempteur2642d ago

Don't put move support when it's not needed ..
i' have a move and i don't really care that journey doesn't have move supoprt if the dev doesn't want it .

Knushwood Butt2642d ago

Agree. I love Move, but if it isn't right for the game then don't just try to force it in there.

Also, Journey looks awesome.

Apocwhen2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I've played the Journey beta and it's awesome but I think they need to let you rotate the camera with the R stick. Right now the R Stick does nothing and you rotate the camera using the Sixaxis motion by tilting it left or right to turn, and up and down to pan in and out.

Nitrowolf22642d ago

they fixed this in latest update i think.