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tayz2640d ago

yahoo! i have my $60 ready for it!

thugbob2639d ago

I'm not saving $60 for this.

I want my open world Naruto RPG please.

just_sayin2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Agreed they're turning naruto into dbz game after game please don't kill naruto before the series end

OMGitzThatGuy2639d ago

Naruto appears to be very sleep in that pic

tayz2639d ago

Maybe he's tired of all these Naruto games. Just kidding. I need moar! And so does Naruto. We are fattening up his Gama-chan!

denero12639d ago

i have my 60 ready as well :)

SpaceFox2639d ago

I love the series but I'm not sure if I'm willing to shell out 60 bucks for another version so quickly. I hope they add some cool new features and make the singleplayer less repetitive.

If not Ill wait until the price drops.

maniacmayhem2639d ago

This game looks way bad ass. My only complaint are playing the young versions of naruto and friends.

I mean who wants to play young naruto when you have frog sage naruto available?