Bungie Aerospace Revealed

Today Bungie launched the first phase of a new venture, Bungie Aerospace, created to help independent developers create brilliant mobile and social games. Bungie Aerospace will give studios the creative freedom and the resources they need, like access to the platform and an audience with the incredible Bungie community, to launch their entertainment experiences into orbit.

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LocO_o2578d ago

Was really hoping for Call of Duty Modern War Space.

ATiElite2578d ago

Still waiting to see just how good Bungie is without Halo!

Motion2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I'm hoping they can reboot the Marathon franchise. While it is similar/shares a universe with Halo, the stories in those games were much deeper. I do wonder if M$ has any rights over Marathon, being it's so closely tied with Halo.

zerocrossing2578d ago

This is kind of underwhelming considering they made Halo.

ViserysTargaryen2578d ago

Hahaha Bungie Aerospace. Talk about misleading, from the sound of it you would think they're a military contractor.

fei-hung2578d ago

well you never know, they may have a game coming out under the name Aerospace as well which may some how be connected to Aerospace project they have.

I can imagine the central game being released on consoles with side versions on fones and social networking sites being part of the games eco system similar to how EVE online has now got another element of its universe being launched on the PS3... although this is hopeful thinking!

MerkinMax2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Before people get confused, this is NOT their next game!

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